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Two Minutes in the Bible® Through Proverbs
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Release Date: August 2015
Page Count: 192
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6530-9
Case Lot Quantity: 64
Collection/Series Name: Two Minutes in the Bible®

Two Minutes in the Bible® Through Proverbs

A 90-Day Devotional

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To find practical answers for everyday challenges, you can’t go wrong with the book of Proverbs. And to help you apply its timeless truth to every area of your own life, popular devotional writer Boyd Bailey offers these concise and down-to-earth daily readings.

Building strong relationships, achieving financial stability, speaking words that help and heal…you’ll find God’s plan for your success in all these areas and many more. Each brief devotion includes a verse or two from Proverbs, a short reflection, a question to help you remember the message and take appropriate action, and a short list of related Scripture references for further study.

Start each day with just two minutes in the Bible. You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of a storehouse of wisdom in your heart.

Meet the author

Boyd Bailey

Boyd Bailey

Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, an Atlanta-based ministry that encourages Christians to live out God’s unchanging truth in a changing world. The author of many devotional books and e-books, Boyd is also cofounder of Ministry Ventures, where he and his team have coached more than 1000 leaders in board development, administration,...

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Editorial Reviews

"This is a great little [book] that you will find refreshing and useful in your devotional times."

"...short yet packed with much power and deep thought."

"This 90 day devotional book...is a perfect companion to your quiet time."

"I found it very thoughtful ..."

"Boyd Bailey certainly has created a great reference for Christian living."


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06/09/15 Candice Blount


This is an excellent book!

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"I love getting up in the morning and spending time absorbing wisdom from the Proverbs that Boyd has written so well. This book would be a real blessing for anyone seeking to grow in wisdom."
Randall Attkisson, Bluegrass Capital Advisors

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