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Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar
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Release Date: January 2006
Print Length: 224
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3164-9

Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar

Practical Help for…  *People Fighting Fatigue and Mood Swings * Hypoglycemics and Diabetics *Those Trying to Control Their Weight

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After author Dennis Pollock experienced a serious diabetic episode, his desire to understand the whys of blood sugar fluctuation, its potential damage to the body, and the ways of prevention led him on a quest for answers. Now Pollock helps others achieve optimum health as they explore:

  • what people should know about the blood sugar delivery system
  • reasons to change our lifestyles and why faith is a great motivator
  • a diet and exercise program that works

Good health comes when good information is followed by action. This book is for everyone who is eager to trade fatigue, weight gain, and illness brought on by blood sugar level changes for a life of optimum health.

Meet the author

Dennis Pollock

Dennis Pollock

After creating a successful program to normalize his blood sugar, Dennis Pollock became an advocate for better, more abundant health. Dennis is also an evangelist, an author, and the former cohost of the Christ in Prophecy broadcast. As the founder of Spirit of Grace Ministries, he regularly leads conferences on Bible prophecy and spiritual renewal,...

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A Word from the Author

"'In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me.' (Psalms 120:1) This verse sums up my struggle with and victory over blood sugar that had run amok. Soaring highs, devastating lows, and terrible fears made the prospect of diabetes a nightmare for me. But God revealed to me some simple and yet powerful principles that tamed the monster. I am eager to share with you through this book that you, too, can overcome!"
Dennis Pollock, author of Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar

Editorial Reviews

"Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar by Dennis Pollock has practical advice for diabetics, dieters and those concerned about their health."
Aspiring Retail

"Dennis has a good style and the book is easy to read. He writes in a simple, yet convincing style and he has done enough research to give the reader an accurate account of the factors that cause fluctuating blood sugar levels, which lead to diabetes if left untreated. All in all, a highly readable and informative book for those who are diabetic and/or overweight."
Swamy's Book Reviews

"Whether you are a diabetic, have a family history of diabetes, or are simply tired of being sick or tired, Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar can change the way you view eating and exercise forever."
The Nashville News

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"I sincerely recommend Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar to everyone with diabetes and to their loved ones. And those of us who are not diabetic, or pre-diabetic, can benefit greatly from his recommendations regarding our potentially unhealthy consumption of carbohydrates."
Don McGee, Founder and Evangelist, Crown and Sickle Ministries

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