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Outlaw’s Bride
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Release Date: July 2009
Print Length: 256
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3394-0
Series: 1

Outlaw’s Bride

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Bestselling author Lori Copeland weaves together elements of a wonderful, classic Western romance with themes of forgiveness and grace.

Falsely convicted of bank robbery, drifter Johnny McAllister is sent to a rehabilitation program in the home of a California judge. When he goes to Judge McMann’s home, his aim is to be a model prisoner, hoping to be released early and return to his life’s mission: to kill the man who wiped out his family 15 years before. He’s planned for everything…except his encounter with Ragan, the beautiful and kind housekeeper, and with the generous folks of Barren Flats. But can Johnny let go of his anger and embrace a new life? One that would include Ragan as his bride?

This tender story reveals how even the hard law of the land doesn’t stand a chance when God’s mercy and true love come to reside in a heart.

Formerly titled The Bride of Johnny McAllister, rewritten for the inspirational market.

Meet the author

Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland is the author of more than 100 titles, including A Kiss for Cade and Under the Summer Sky. Her beloved novel Stranded in Paradise is now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Her stories have developed a loyal following among her rapidly growing fans in the inspirational market. She lives in the beautiful Ozarks with...

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A Word from the Author

“Every author has their favorite story, and Outlaw’s Bride is mine. I had such fun writing it many years ago and now refreshing the story and adding my values has been the greatest gift of all!”
Lori Copeland, author of Outlaw’s Bride

Editorial Reviews

“Lori Copeland has been known as the queen of the Christian western romance for some time, and her title is well deserved…But with her newest novel in her newest series, she has truly outdone herself! Outlaw's Bride has a fresh, new feel, and a unique storyline that was not only enjoyable, but surprising!

“Laced with humor, realistic characterization, and people that live on in your heart once the cover closes, Outlaw's Bride is one of Lori's finest novels.”
A Peek at My Bookshelf

“Lori Copeland makes this story so fun! I literally laughed out loud several times causing some raised eyebrows from strangers sitting nearby at the pool. Wonderfully witty dialogue dominates this book as in usual in her tales. This is a great start to a new series. I can't wait to read the next installment!”

“The characters were engaging and very well developed. The spiritual lessons learned made this a worthwhile read, too. I grew very fond of the hero and heroine by book's end. Outlaw's Bride made me chuckle and smile.”

“An easy read, Outlaw's Bride is sure to please those of you who enjoy the open west, the adventure that comes with it and a romance that makes you smile and sigh with satisfaction.”

Outlaw’s Bride is such a breath of fresh air. The characters are lovable, even with their obvious flaws…This is a great read. The ending is incredible. I recommend it!”
Stephanie Rollins for

“Start with a unique premise, toss in a knee-slapping hilarious ending, and a tender romance, and Outlaw's Bride is sure to be a favorite among readers.”

“Lori transported me back in time to the 1870's and I was hooked from the very beginning of this wonderful book. The characters are so much fun and had me totally captivated…I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more of Lori's books.”
Life In Review

“This tender story reveals how even the hard law of the land doesn’t stand a chance when God’s mercy and true love come to reside in a heart.”


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“You can always count on Lori Copeland to deliver likable, witty characters, her own special touch of humor, and a heartwarming, romantic story for all ages. Outlaw's Bride is a great example of how she's made the western romance a genre all her own.”
—BJ Hoff, author of American Anthem, Song of Erin, and Rachel's Secret

Outlaw’s Bride is a delightful story of love and laughter. Lori Copeland has the most witty and unusual ways of making you laugh.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, author of A Family Saga in Bear lake, Idaho

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