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Loving God with All Your Mind
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Release Date: January 2005
Page Count: 304
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1382-9
Case Lot Quantity: 44

Loving God with All Your Mind

Elizabeth George’s Loving God with All Your Mind (more than 200,000 copies sold) has been revised and expanded. Elizabeth lets women know that loving the Lord involves action! Focusing on six main scripture passages, she helps readers understand what it means to truly—

  • let your mind think on what is true about God and about life
  • grasp and move toward God’s purpose for life
  • trust the Lord in all things

Drawing on biblical wisdom as well as personal experience, Elizabeth helps women handle their emotions and discover inner peace that comes from focusing on what is true. She shares six powerful Bible truths that will help readers draw closer to God and know His joy and love.

Meet the author

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George, whose books have sold more than 12 million copies, is the author of A Woman After God’s Own Heart® (more than 1 million copies sold) and Proverbs for a Woman's Day. She’s also a popular speaker at Christian women’s events. Elizabeth and her husband, Jim, are parents...

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Editorial Reviews

"Do you ever feel like your head is in 'deep fog mode' and all you want to do is go back to bed and stay there? Maybe you've even lost the will to live. Noted Bible teacher and author, Elizabeth George knows what it's like to have been there. In her book, Loving God with All Your Mind, Elizabeth shares her personal story of her battle against negative thinking and the steps she took from the Scriptures to reclaim the promises of God to make the changes that she needed. You'll find her style of writing really conversational and down to earth—like a chat between two friends. Elizabeth George is one of the most vibrant authors I've had the opportunity to interview. She's articulate and warm and it really comes across in her writings as you will see."
Five Star Book Reviews

"Fear, worry, and depression tend to plague the minds of women.  The author tells women that they can be free, but it is the responsibility of the individual to control how she thinks.  Focus on what is real and on the promises of scripture."
The Covenant Communicator


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12/21/14 Susanne

“This book helped me when I was in a terrible crisis with severe back pain.  This pain lasted over two years.  The biblical concepts in the book helped me to renew my mind and it offered me a way to cope when I felt a deep depression hanging over me.  I praise the Lord for this book and I recommend it highly.  Today, through the help of surgery, I am completely healed of my back pain.”

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