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Bre Doucette

Posted on Oct 01, 2019   Topic : Author Spotlight

As the girl who couldn’t wait to come home from school and rearrange her bedroom, it’s no wonder Bre Doucette grew up loving to decorate homes. Her own is an 1846 farmhouse in New England, which she shares with her youth group sweetheart, her two kids, one dog, and twelve chickens. Bre welcomes others into her home through her blog - Rooms FOR Rent (, where she spreads her passion for decorating, her belief that creating a home is so much more than the stuff we fill our rooms with, and a little bit of faith along the way. Bre’s heart is to serve others through the gifts God has given her.

Join Bre as you learn to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a creative collection of seasonally inspired tablescapes... 

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