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A Woman’s High Calling Growth and Study Guide
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Release Date: August 2001
Print Length: 160
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3096-3

A Woman’s High Calling Growth and Study Guide

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Women who desire to move onward and upward in their spiritual growth can do so with the help of this growth and study guide that builds upon the principles in Elizabeth’s dynamic new book A Woman’s High Calling.

Using a quiet time calendar, practical exercises, and thought-provoking study questions, this guide will help readers take the 10 essentials for godly living to a deeper level and discover how they can¼

  • turn every task into an opportunity to glorify God
  • place God at the center of every thought, word, and activity
  • transform potentially negative situations into positive outcomes

This handbook is designed to be used along with A Woman’s High Calling.

Meet the author

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George, whose books have sold more than 12 million copies, is the author of A Woman After God’s Own Heart® (more than 1 million copies sold) and Proverbs for a Woman's Day. She’s also a popular speaker at Christian women’s events. Elizabeth and her husband, Jim, are parents...

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Editorial Reviews

"At a time when some books for Christian women pursue a 'do the best you can' approach, this book and its accompanying study guide urge readers to grow in wisdom, purity, and character through practical steps and study questions.

Women looking for practical guidelines for growing in Christ will find George's book a great source of inspiration with a quiet time calendar, twelve weeks of study, and great insight into God's Word."
Christian Library Journal

"This companion to A Woman's High Calling is designed to help women grow in ten essentials for godly living (wisdom, godly speech, love of husband, love of children, ministry to other women, purity, personal discipline, goodness, godly behavior, and love of home).  Filled with Scripture and prompts to journal understanding of the information presented, it provides practical suggestions and challenges for incorporating these essentials into daily life.

The unique combination of Scripture and study prompts provide a method for translating George's sober-minded approach to godliness into personal, Spirit-led growth.  Given the far-reaching scope of the ten essentials that George draws from Titus 2:3-5, one can readily appreciate how broad a Bible study the book entails. The chapter on leading a Bible study discussion group highlights a leader's role, helpful hints, and group dynamics.  Highly recommended for use with its companion book."
Church Libraries

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