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The Wind Harp
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Release Date: August 2006
Print Length: 264
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3289-9
Series: 2

The Wind Harp

By BJ Hoff

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B.J. Hoff’s unforgettable characters from A Distant Music reunite for an even more gripping, dramatic episode in The Mountain Song Legacy.

When Maggie MacAuley returns to the small coal town of her childhood, she has no intention of staying. Her life is in Chicago now. There’s nothing to keep her in Skingle Creek…

...nothing but the discovery that a man who has lived most of his life for the children of Skingle Creek is no longer the hero of Maggie’s childhood but seems destined to become the love of her life.

In Maggie’s quest for independence, she finds her greatest strength in sacrifice…and in her struggle to heal her family, she finds her heart renewed by love.

Meet the author

BJ Hoff

BJ Hoff

BJ Hoff’ s bestselling historical novels continue to cross the boundaries of religion, language, and culture to capture a worldwide reading audience. Her books include Song of Erin and American Anthem and such popular series as The Riverhaven Years, The Mountain Song Legacy, and The Emerald Ballad. Hoff’ s stories, although set in the past,...

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A Word from the Author

"I have been genuinely overwhelmed by your reception of A Distant Music, the first book of my Mountain Song Legacy. So many of you have written to let me know how surprised and pleased you were to rediscover Jonathan and Maggie, and to have the opportunity to follow the story of some of your favorite characters from my novels. That's especially gratifying for me, since they happen to be among my own personal favorites. As you open the first pages of book two—The Wind Harp—you'll find Jonathan and Maggie and the others there, waiting for you to walk with them through their new experiences.

"With the first book, I promised you 'the beginning of a different kind of love story.' I pray that you'll be especially blessed as The Wind Harp continues that story."
B.J. Hoff, author of The Wind Harp and A Distant Music


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"B.J. always does a great job of drawing her readers into the lives of her characters. I'm sure that there will be many who will be eagerly pleading to know 'what happens next.' I will be among them."
Janette Oke

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