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A Widow’s Journey
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Release Date: March 2015
Page Count: 144
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5958-2
Case Lot Quantity: 72

A Widow’s Journey

Reflections on Walking Alone

Have you recently lost your husband? Are there days when you feel so terribly alone—and that no one else could possibly understand?

Author Gayle Roper understands. As a recent widow herself, Gayle writes:

So who am I now that there’s only one place at the table…one pillow with a head dent, one damp towel after a shower. There’s only one toothbrush in the holder. The seat is never left up anymore.

I can still write Mrs. in front of my name, but I’m no longer in a marriage relationship. You need two people for a marriage and there’s only me.

Is there only you? Then join Gayle as she draws on her emotions during the loss of her beloved husband, Chuck, and offers you a compassionate devotional to encourage you through your darkest days. Gayle knows a widow’s pain is deep. But she also knows God’s love is deeper still. And it’s in His love you’ll find your deepest comfort.

Meet the author

Gayle Roper

Gayle Roper

Gayle Roper is the award-winning author of more than 40 books and has been a Christy finalist three times. Gayle enjoys speaking at women’ s events across the nation and loves sharing the powerful truths of Scripture with humor and practicality. She lives with her husband in southeastern Pennsylvania where she enjoys reading, gardening, and...

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Editorial Reviews

"Nothing takes away the pain of loss or the challenge of adjustment, but this little book offers hope that in the end, different can be good, too, as God works in and through deep hurt."
Mississippi Christian Living

"Written in an easy-to-digest style, readers will appreciate the brevity of each of Roper's essays, perhaps mostly because she packs so much depth of feeling into each one."


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