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Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward?
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Release Date: March 2002
Print Length: 272
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3686-6

Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward?

How to Slow Down and Start Living Again

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For readers who wish their busy lives had a pause button, Phil Callaway offers real help along with healthy doses of his trademark humor. Drawing from lessons learned during his own struggles with burnout, the bestselling author focuses on five keys to bringing back missing peace.

In Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward, millionaires, CEOs, and “regular folk so tired they can hardly lace up their Velcro tennis shoes” demonstrate how, with God’s help, it’s possible to start living deliberately in a high-speed culture. With wit and candor, Callaway offers creative ways to:

  • live on less and love it
  • find your perfect pace
  • embrace a life of integrity
  • climb off the stress merry-go-round
  • rediscover the joy of friendships

Men and women stuck in a loop of busyness and fatigue will find faith-based tools and inspiration for change in this funny, wise book.

Meet the author

Phil Callaway

Phil Callaway

Best known for his humorous yet perceptive look at life, award-winning author and speaker Phil Callaway has written more than 25 books, including Making Life Rich Without Any Money. Phil is also a syndicated columnist, the editor of Servant magazine, and a popular speaker for corporations, conferences, camps, and marriage retreats. He would say that his...

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A Word from the Author

"A lady called the other day to tell me, 'This book saved my life.' She was serious. The pace of her life had spiraled out of control and she said the book had reminded her how to pause and play in a fast-forward culture. In the book, I discuss six secrets to finding balance in your life. These include 'Even ants have time to attend picnics,' 'The fruit of the Spirit is not lemons,' and 'Live so the preacher won't have to lie at your funeral.' If you feel stuck in an unending loop of busyness and fatigue, it's my prayer that you'll find the hope that only Christ can offer as you read this book."
—Phil Callaway, Author of Who Put My Life On Fastforward

Editorial Reviews

"I loved this book!  It was so easy to identify with its stories.  Alberta author Phil Callaway shares heartwarming, humorous and thought provoking short stories about his wife Ramona and their three children.  He also writes about friends and people who have written to him.  Besides being a best-selling author and popular speaker, Callaway is the editor of Servant magazine.

Chapter 19, 'Cast Away,' where Callaway sums up life today particularly grabbed my attention.  'We've added years to our lives but drained the life from our years...we've doubled our incomes and tripled our divorce rates.  We've built beautiful houses and turned them into broken homes.  We're stealing time from those who love us and are giving it to those who don't.  Our schedules are full, but our lives are empty.  If this is progress, who needs it?' writes Callaway.

In 'The Speed of Grace' the final chapter; we find the key.  'In a fast forward world... we do not need to keep on winning.  Living at the speed of grace releases us to ...' To find the key you'll need to read the book!

Callaway, who ends each chapter with thoughts of wisdom, touches on both life and death experiences.  Overall, this book is a great mix of stories and humor that touch the heart and cause one to consider life more thoughtfully."
Living Light News

"Admit it, your busy—we're all busy, and we never know when or even if it will ever end. Where is the joy? Where is the simplicity? How did I miss everything that I attended last week? Phil Callaway tells us exactly 'how to slow down and start living again' in his new book Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward. With wit and wisdom, Phil shares how it is possible to slow down in such a fast-paced world. It is not a matter of 'if' we should slow down, but how. God didn't create the roses just so we would drive by them at 100 mph. 'Those who chase happiness run away from contentment,' says Phil.

This book is for anyone desiring peace in his or her life—from secretary to CEO, you'll grow spiritually and have fun in the process!"
The Godly Business Woman

"With gentle humor and candid personal anecdotes, Callaway urges readers to learn from his mistakes and make the most of the time God gives. The book tackles a wide variety of topics from marriage and money-management to golf and godliness. Each short chapter is part of a larger section that begins with an introductory essay by the author and ends with quotes, quips and wise advice about living life as God intended."
Faith Today

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