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Whispers of a New Dawn
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Release Date: April 2013
Print Length: 352
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5171-5
Series: 3

Whispers of a New Dawn

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When Murray Pura’s The Wings of Morning was released, one of his rave reviews came from Romantic Times magazine:

“Pura has created one of the finest stories of Amish fiction I have ever read….The reader will be applauding the exceptional writing and the cast of characters demands an encore performance.”

Here is that encore performance.

In the third book in his Snapshots of History series, Murray brings back Jude and Lyyndaya Whetstone, the beloved lead characters in The Wings of Morning.

The year is 1941 and Jude and Lyyndy, with their adult daughter, Rebecca, are summoned to far-off, exotic Honolulu where Rebecca, a flyer like her father, meets a likeable young pilot. The two enjoy a friendship that seems to be turning into something more serious…..until Sunday, December 7, 1941 dawns on the Hawaiian Islands.

Readers who love the simplicity of the Amish, a good romance, and a dramatic historical setting are in for a treat with Whispers of a New Dawn.

Book Three in the Snapshots of History series

Meet the author

Murray Pura

Murray Pura

Murray Pura earned his Master of Divinity degree from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and his ThM degree in theology and interdisciplinary studies from Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more than 25 years, in addition to his writing, he has pastored churches in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Alberta. Murray’ s writings have...

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Editorial Reviews

“Pura delivers another astonishing Snapshots in History story. The characters are believable and enlightening, so much so that you won’t want the story to end.”
RT Book Reviews

"To begin with, I have to commend Murray, yet again, for his wonderful descriptions of flying…it’s impossible not to be pulled in by the vivid descriptions Murray paints. Trust me, you’ll imagine yourself sitting in a cockpit with Becky or Raven at some point during this novel.”

“The romance enhances the deep thriller as Murray Pura provides the audience with a strong saga as an Amish family prays for peace on our and future times…”
—The Midwest Book Review

“Murray Pura’s meticulous research on Pearl Harbor’s air skirmishes and bombings shines through this novel. In addition, his extensive understanding of the Amish and their spiritual views lends depth to his characters. His novel captures the Amish way of life, the events of World War II, and the redeeming power of love. I look forward to reading more from Murray Pura.”

“What a powerful story of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and second chances. If you enjoy historical details, Pearl Harbor, romance, the Amish faith during war, than Whispers of a New Dawn is the story for you to read. A wonderful story, true to Pura’s previous titles. A great read!”

“…one of the best books I have read this year.”

“Rich in history and humor.”

“I enjoy all of Mr. Pura’s books and this one was no exception…”

“Murray Pura has written another good book…”

“Pura’s stories are refreshing, passionate, and smoothly written. …This book is not only a story of healing, but also a tender romance that will satisfy the romantic reader.”

“…an adventure story filled with detailed battle scenes that will make you feel that you are there witnessing the event.”


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“Author Murray Pura approaches the Amish culture with a compassionate but realistic eye. This is a solid story that includes the elements of adventure and romance while addressing the horrors of war, the pain of loved ones lost to death and others lost to a difference in belief. Whispers of a New Dawn was read and enjoyed by two people in our home. We then had some intense conversations regarding our own beliefs and convictions. I hope you will be stirred to think about your own spiritual condition and will bloom gloriously.”
JudyAnn Lorenz, BarJD Communications

Whispers of a New Dawn is another superb work of Christian fiction by Murray Pura. Even though we know how the history of Pearl Harbor played out on December 7, 1941, we are still kept in suspense as to how the events of that day played out for each character. Murray also has enough romance in the story to keep his female audience captured, while adding an adequate amount of fast-paced action for the men. He does a fine job of exploring the emotions and thoughts of the Amish who leave their community and culture and embark on a life in the world outside their own without losing their faith in the one true God who holds them no matter where they may go.”
Russ Friesen

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