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When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart
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Release Date: July 2003
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/4 x 78
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1131-3
Case Lot Quantity: 56

When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart

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Within the heart of every woman is the desire to be pursued, cherished, and loved. When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart invites women on a personal journey of discovery that looks at the many ways God loves them, and how He shows that love. Through this book, women will come to know God as…

  • a Father who cares and understands
  • an encouraging friend who cheers them on
  • a comforter who is patient and compassionate
  • a valiant knight who always comes to the rescue
  • a Faithful One who will never leave
  • and much more

Women will gain a greater confidence in their purpose in life as they see how much God longs to sweep them off their feet and love them as only He can.

Meet the author

Cindi McMenamin

Cindi McMenamin

Cindi McMenamin is an award-winning writer and national speaker. She is the author of When Women Walk Alone (more than 100,000 copies sold) and 10 Secrets to Becoming a Worry-Free Mom. As a Bible teacher, her passion is to help women strengthen their walk with God and their relationships (www.StrengthForTheSoul.com).

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Editorial Reviews

"This book will help you to develop that deep relationship with the Lord that longs for your fellowship and heart. McMenamin has done an excellent job in helping women to experience a relationship with Him, seeing Him as the friend, the special knight that saves you, the Father that loves us so tenderly as only the Father can do, and so, so much more. This is one of those books that will truly touch your heart as a woman that longs to be closer to Him. This is a great book and very easy to read, one that you will find encourages you and inspires you to seek Him and better yet to find Him as He pursues you. What a wonderful treat."
Teens4Jesus Library

"What attributes of God's character has He used in pursuing you? Has He come to your rescue as a Hero? Has He been your Provider or Protector or loving Daddy? Perhaps He has been your encouraging Friend. Maybe He has been many or all of these comforters to you at different stages of your life. McMenamin's point is that God's character has many facets, but His love is constant. He can respond to the various needs of our lives in His pursuit of us as His children."
Church Libraries


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