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Wasn’t It Smart of God to…
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Release Date: April 2012
Page Count: 144
Size: 4 x 6
Binding: Mass
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4654-4
Case Lot Quantity: 80

Wasn’t It Smart of God to…

Bestselling author Steve Chapman offers this little gem of a book that will have readers chuckling, grinning, and nodding their heads at the witty quips, outrageous insights, and fascinating observations. Drawing on folk humor, a dash of science, backwoods wisdom, and biblical truths, Steve encourages readers to consider:

Wasn’t it smart of God to…

  • design us to sneeze out instead of in?
  • have rain fall in little drops instead of one big one?
  • give us old age so we’ll look forward to heaven?
  • devise human legs so they can straddle horses and Harleys?
  • make us curious so we’ll seek Him?

Fun and thought-provoking, Wasn’t It Smart of God To… is filled with the little and big things around us that highlight God’s creativity and make our lives interesting and wonderful.

Meet the author

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman and his wife, Annie, are award-winning musicians who take their message of Christ-centered family to fans all over North America. Steve’s enthusiasm for Jesus, family, hunting, and humor shine in his books, including A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (nearly 300,000 copies sold), The Hunter’s Cookbook (with Annie...

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A Word from the Author

Wasn't It Smart of God to… is a book that had its birth many years ago while my wife, Annie, and I were traveling in a car with our young children. In an effort to make our long drive more enjoyable, Annie came up with the idea to finish the sentence that began with, ‘Wasn't it smart of God to....’ We spent several miles taking turns adding our observations about the incredible intelligence and ingenuity that God displayed when He created our world and the life that inhabits it. And the game never stopped! Through the years we kept adding to the list. We also got some very interesting input from other family and friends. This book contains the entries to date. I sincerely hope it will be an inspiring and informative resource for every reader as well as fun reading for families and friends to enjoy together.”
Steve Chapman, author ofWasn’t It Smart of God to…

Editorial Reviews

"This is a cute little book that was really quite clever."


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Wasn't It Smart of God to... is a wonderful light hearted look at the many details our creator, Almighty God, handled during creation that we simply take for granted. Through the short quips in this book I quickly began to realize I exist because of God's ‘divine design.’ Wasn't It Smart of God to... is a fun and unique way to approach the greatness of our God and all that He has created.”
Paul Walerczak, founder of Without Excuse Ministries

“Considering Steve's personality and his ability to capture his witty (sometimes proverbial) thoughts on paper, I'm not shocked by this piece of work, but I am amazed at its educational value. I have never read such a collection of little known facts about people, critters, plants and things. He either did an abundance of research or pulled deep into his memory and imagination. Very entertaining, but best of all, he appropriately gave all the credit to God.”
Paul Meeks, president of GreatDay, Inc.

“After a face full of tears of laughter, I highly recommend this book of quotes and quips to anyone who needs a lot of light moments, or even some actual questions created of your own...Another winner in the Chapman ‘Bag of Books’!”
Don Hicks

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