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Walkin’ with God Ain’t for Wimps
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Release Date: August 2007
Print Length: 240
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3508-1

Walkin’ with God Ain’t for Wimps

Spirit-Lifting Stories for the Young at Heart

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O’Connor, the author of the bestselling Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps (more than 175,000 copies sold), continues her delightful storytelling in these short vignettes based on real life. Readers will chuckle as they read these funny, heartwarming experiences for themselves and then share them with their friends.

Each humorous tale concludes with a biblical principle to encourage people in their spiritual walks. Uplifting prayers give them opportunities to connect personally with God:

God, it is so easy to become distracted by the cares of the world, the small duties that so easily consume my day and the people who flow in and out of my life. Help me to include all of this in my daily prayers as I walk with you from sunrise to sunset.

Entertaining and easy-to-read, Walkin’ with God Ain’t for Wimps is sure to be a hit with readers of all ages.

Meet the author

Karen O’Connor

Karen O’Connor

Karen O’Connor is a sought-after speaker, a writing consultant, and the award-winning author of more than 75 books, including Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps (more than 300,000 copies sold). She’s appeared on national media, including The 700 Club and 100 Huntley Street.

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Editorial Reviews

"Through amusing stories that touch the heart and soul, humorist Karen O'Connor reveals the joy, strength, and laughter that is ours when we walk with God—regardless of our circumstances."
Family Ministries Newsletter

"Each delightful, easy-to-read tale concludes with an insightful Scripture and a simple, life-affirming prayer that will remind you that God is with you in all ways—always!"

"Each story brings a message that I needed to hear. Walkin' with God Ain't for Wimps is a delightful book that all will enjoy."

"I walked away from this book smiling, knowing God definitely was not on vacation, and if He was going, He'd take me with Him. Truly this book will revive your soul, feed your spirit, and give you encouragement to carry on. Very highly recommended, don't miss this one."
The Midwest Book Review

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"Karen O'Connor keeps outdoing herself! She's written yet another treasured tome of charming senior stories that are funny and faith-filled. Read them for encouragement, enlightenment, and tips on endurance, as you walk or jog along life's journey. Taking these Spirit-filled stories to heart will put a lilt in your step and shine God's light on your path. What's to lose? No matter your age, lace up those sneakers and take bold steps for God. Your new God-venture is about to begin: Ready, set, go!"
Lynn D. Morrissey, CLASS/AWSA speaker and author of Love Letters to God

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