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Strange and Mysterious Stuff from the Bible
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Release Date: September 2014
Print Length: 224
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5699-4

Strange and Mysterious Stuff from the Bible

From the Weird to the Wonderful

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Stephen Miller, bestselling author of Complete Guide to the Bible and Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible, compares reading the Bible to driving a country road. “We’re cruising along reading a fine little story when suddenly we hit a jaw dropper of a narrative pothole. Right out loud we might say, ‘What on earth is this doing in God’s holy Word?’”

You can’t read far in the Bible without being jolted by an account of polygamy, slavery, or gender inequality. Other stories read almost like comedies—like the one about a dead man springing to life when his corpse touches a prophet’s bones.

How do you face these things honestly? With a touch of dry humor, Miller identifies bumps in the road, briefly offers popular interpretations, and leaves you with food for thought. This is a fast-paced, fun, and reliable guide for your tour through the Bible.

Meet the author

Stephen M. Miller

Stephen M. Miller

Stephen M. Miller is the bestselling author of Who’ s Who and Where’ s Where in the Bible (Retailer’ s Choice Award for best nonfiction book of the year), The Complete Guide to the Bible (400,000 copies sold), and many other books, which have sold over a million copies. He and his wife, Linda, live in...

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Editorial Reviews

"You'll learn a lot, even if you think you already know a lot about the Bible."


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"Steve Miller's latest book may be his most addictive yet—it's the kind of book you pick up for a short read, but find yourself unable to put down. My family is already fighting over it! Like all of Steve's books, it's meticulously researched, yet great fun to read."
Steve Grisetti

"This is a fun book."
Wayne Sacchi

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