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Release Date: August 2019
Page Count: 192
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7850-7
Case Lot Quantity: 60

Spiritual Life Hacks

Uncommon Solutions to Common Challenges

Tips and Tricks to Help You Live Out Your Faith
Life hacks, ingenious solutions to everyday problems, are everywhere on the Internet. If you want to keep your cat from unrolling the toilet paper or cut a cake with dental floss, you can find a site that will show you how.
These clever strategies might improve your efficiency and give you a good story to tell your friends, but they won’t help you with the stuff in life that truly matters, like trying to live as God intended. That is…until now.
Discover life hacks for your spiritual life, time-tested fixes for chronic problems that plague Christians. What do you do when you are…
…forced to be around somebody really annoying?
…disgusted with yourself because of all the things you “should” be doing, but aren’t?
…irritated with all those pesky people in your way?
…frustrated that God hasn’t zapped away all your glaring imperfections?
…locked in a fierce battle of wills with someone?
Join veteran author Len Woods as he shares some sound biblical strategies for overcoming these common challenges and learn to laugh at yourself along the way. 

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Len  Woods

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