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The Song Weaver
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Release Date: April 2007
Print Length: 252
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3226-4
Series: 3

The Song Weaver

By BJ Hoff

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Bestselling author B.J. Hoff will delight readers as her unforgettable characters from A Distant Music and The Wind Harp reunite for a dramatic conclusion to The Mountain Song Legacy trilogy.

When a shadow falls over the MacAuley family, newlyweds Jonathan and Maggie Stuart find their faith and newly discovered happiness tested in unforeseen ways. An abrupt summons to return from their honeymoon wrenches them from the joy of their early days of marriage and thrusts them into the midst of a family in anguish.

Responsible for helping their loved ones heal, while maintaining and nurturing their own relationship and their love for each other, the young couple faces a challenge that will ultimately define their marriage and decide their future.

About This Series: Based on her popular novella, The Penny Whistle, bestselling novelist B.J. Hoff has expanded the story of young Maggie MacAuley and her family into a heartwarming trilogy: A Distant Music, The Wind Harp, and The Song Weaver.

Meet the author

BJ Hoff

BJ Hoff

BJ Hoff’ s bestselling historical novels continue to cross the boundaries of religion, language, and culture to capture a worldwide reading audience. Her books include Song of Erin and American Anthem and such popular series as The Riverhaven Years, The Mountain Song Legacy, and The Emerald Ballad. Hoff’ s stories, although set in the past,...

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A Word from the Author

"The Song Weaver concludes the Mountain Song Legacy series. Coming to the end of a series is always a bittersweet experience for me. I live with the people in my stories a long time, and they become so special to me that it's never easy to say goodbye.

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful e-mails and letters you've sent me from the very beginning of the series. Your interest and encouragement, your kindness and your prayers, have meant more to me than you could ever imagine.

"As you read this, I'm already at work on a new story—one I hope you'll enjoy as much as you did the Mountain Song Legacy.

"In the meantime, may God's blessing and peace and hope be with you all."
B.J. Hoff, author of A Distant Music, The Wind Harp, and The Song Weaver

Editorial Reviews

"This is a beautiful story by a talented author."

"The Song Weaver is the latest and concluding novel in BJ Hoff's The Mountain Song Legacy trilogy. Within its pages is the tale of God's love in the midst of trials and peace in times of chaos. Readers will easily find themes to relate to and characters to enjoy."


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"If you have been a reader of The Mountain Song Legacy, don't miss this grand finale. You may suffer a bit with the brave characters as they face hardship and pain, but you will end up wanting to lift your voice with the miners who rocked the hills with their songs of praise. BJ has done it again!!"
Janette Oke, bestselling author

"BJ Hoff has an exceptional ability for making her historical characters come alive. While reading The Mountain Song Legacy trilogy, I felt that the protagonists, Johnathan and Maggie were my best friends. The concluding book, The Song Weaver, was not only heartwarming but inspiring!"
Mrs. Ellie Smith, church librarian

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