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The Seven Deadly Friendships
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Release Date: October 2018
Page Count: 208
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7486-8
Case Lot Quantity: 60

The Seven Deadly Friendships

How to Heal When Painful Relationships Eat Away at Your Joy

Friends for a Season?

There's something wrong with your friendship, but you can't figure out why. Is everything in your head? Unfortunately, toxic friendships happen to everyone, but we seldom identify the underlying issues while we battle confusion or the friendship breaks up.

Maybe you're left bewildered in the friendship's wake, paralyzed to move forward.

After wading through several difficult friendships, Mary DeMuth reveals the seven different types of toxic relationships and empowers you to identify the messiest relationships causing you the greatest anguish.

  • Face the reality of your broken relationship, and unearth exactly what went wrong.
  • Discover why you may attract toxic people.
  • Heal from broken relational patterns so you can choose safer friends.
  • Evaluate when it's time to press into a friendship or let it go.

You'll gain a new relationship with Jesus as you trust him to be your confidant, healer, and life-giving friend.

Meet the author

Mary E. DeMuth

Mary E. DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is a writer and speaker who loves to help people live re-storied lives. Author of more than 40 Christian living books. Mary speaks around the country and the world and is the host of the popular daily podcast Pray Every Day, where she prays for you every day of the year. She is the...

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"Navigating friendships as women can be difficult and confusing. Mary DeMuth has written an excellent guide—showing us how to avoid 'deadly' traits in others while recognizing less-than life-giving traits in ourselves."
Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

"Wouldn't it be the grandest thing to live in a world where we didn't need this book? That world is coming, but it ain't here yet! In the meantime, read this book first to make sure you're not one of these toxic 'friends,' and then read it to discern how to move forward (or away) from those who are."
Leslie Leyland Fields, speaker and author of several books, including The Wonder Years

"In 30 years as a mental health practitioner, I've had the privilege of working with patients who have struggled with and suffered through relationships akin to those detailed in The Seven Deadly Friendships. Mary helps us identify those toxic relationships and then points us to seven life-giving practices to help us receive and extend healthy friendships."
Dr. Michelle Bengtson, board certified clinical neuropsychologist, author of Hope Prevails 

"With warmth and candor, Mary DeMuth writes about deadly friendships in a life-giving way. Her 'hard-won wisdom' will enlighten and encourage you to examine your own friendships. Everyone can benefit from this compelling book filled with scriptural truth and memorable stories that ultimately point to Jesus and the path to healing."
Judy Gordon Morrow, author of The Listening Heart

"The Seven Deadly Friendships is a great addition to any counseling center's resource list. Our center will be recommending it often. Mary DeMuth not only accurately identifies numerous traits of difficult people but also gives practical solutions to those who are struggling."
Michelle Nietert, M.A., LPC-S, clinical director of Community Counseling Associates

"Vulnerably sharing her own experience and that of countless others, Mary DeMuth points us toward finding and becoming healthy, whole friends. Learn how you can break free from shallow and toxic relationships, cultivating life-giving, joyful bonds instead."
Cherie Lowe, author of Your Money, Your Marriage

"Mary DeMuth is a gentle, wise and humane guide to navigating those ruptures, healing wounds old and new, and confronting the messed-up patterns that caused us to choose those friendships in the first place. The Seven Deadly Friendships is a bracingly truthful and deeply graceful journey into the past and the present."
Lorilee Craker, author of 15 books, including Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me

"Like a traveler who found her way out of a dark valley, Mary DeMuth is a seasoned guide when it comes to navigating the rocky terrain of unhealthy friendships. Each chapter of The Seven Deadly Friendships is bursting with personality traits, character sketches, and personal examples that provide a detailed map of how to get out of the pit of friendship despair."
Anna LeBaron, author of The Polygamist's Daughter

"As a faith-based counselor, I sit across from people day after day who have been harmed by those who pretended to mean them well. The end of a friendship is not only difficult to process, but it can be even more difficult to identify when an end is needed. Mary DeMuth comes to us with wisdom and depth on a subject many want to talk about but, until now, haven't had the right resource and tool."
Erin Kincaid, Higher Hopes Counseling founder, author of Rock Me Right

"I found The Seven Deadly Friendships to be both challenging and encouraging as I applied Mary's heartfelt wisdom to my own relationships. Through personal stories and rare vulnerability, Mary helps us discover friendship traps to avoid, as well as find ways we can strengthen the relationships we treasure."
Rachel Anne Ridge, artist, speaker, and author of Flash

"Having good, strong, godly friends has been a life-changer for me as I navigate motherhood and marriage. It takes work to be a good friend—and to have good friends—and Mary DeMuth's thoughtful, insightful and beautifully written guide gives great insight into not only the importance of friendship, but also how to build strong, lasting, godly, and life-changing friendships."
Erin MacPherson, author of Put the Disciple into Discipline

"My heart is to always be a 'safe' friend and to be aware of how to respond in a godly, healthy way when interacting with people with destructive motives or tendencies. Mary DeMuth gives hard-won insights and transparent vulnerability in sharing her personal experiences and research, providing a beautiful guide for forging ties that promote life."
Melinda Means, coauthor of Mothering from Scratch

"Mary DeMuth is a 'friend whisperer,' and this book is filled with hard-earned insight and wisdom. Not only will you have stronger, deeper friendships as a result of reading it, but you'll be a better friend. You win and your friends do too."
Mary Byers, author of How to Say No...And Live to Tell About It

"This book is a timely message that needs to get into the hands of men and women alike. I was challenged to evaluate myself and my friendships and to set healthy boundaries. The Seven Deadly Friendships is a book I will be giving as gifts and keeping as a resource in my own library!"
Rachael Gilbert, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and cohost of the Declare Conference

"Mary DeMuth provides an excellent tool to navigate some of the more difficult friendships with biblical wisdom, truth, and grace. The Seven Deadly Friendships helps provide a framework of awareness around some of the most toxic and destructive relationships we encounter."
Rev. Amy Graham, cofounder and pastor of spiritual care at The District Church, cofounder of DC127, and cofounder of the Boston Faith and Justice Network

"If you've ever found yourself staring at a trail of destruction left in the aftermath of a toxic relationship, wondering what just hit you, The Seven Deadly Friendships is for you. Mary DeMuth offers keen insights, hard-won wisdom, and—most importantly—a biblical perspective on the types of friendships that hurt us most and what to do about them."
Lindsay A. Franklin, bestselling author of Adored

"I only wish The Seven Deadly Friendships had been written 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I relate all too well to many of the stories shared. But beyond being a practical primer of important warning signals, this book also offers heartfelt wisdom and biblical insight to navigate some of life's most difficult relational dynamics while preserving your own personal well-being in the process."
Michele Perry, brand strategist and coach for creatives, entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders

"What a great view into seven messy, and often common, unhealthy relationships! Not only does Mary describe character traits of potentially toxic friends, she also encourages the reader to look inward and examine their own heart and character for possibly damaging behavior toward others."
Elizabeth Welch, owner, PoppyLocks.com

"Why would she do that? This tormenting question drove me to read The Seven Deadly Friendships in one sitting. Mary gives us answers, empathy, hope, and biblical help to move forward. This book is a must for every friend."
Lea Ann Garfias, author of three books, including Rocking Ordinary

"Understanding the characteristics of the narcissist, the predator, the flake, and others helped me to let go of a portion of self-blame I'd been carrying as well as encouraged me to examine my own unhealthy contributions to friendships."
Ocieanna Fleiss, author of Love Like There's No Tomorrow

"Once again, Mary DeMuth takes one for the team, fearlessly confronting an unavoidable topic. Masterfully written and easily understood, she offers hopeful advice, influenced by the truth of God's Word. You'll appreciate Mary's integrity and empathy interlaced through her candid, vulnerable, and bold style. No one is immune to a friend breakup; therefore, no one should be without this book."
Ellen Harbin, founder of the STAND women's conference and writer of the STAND Bible Study series

"I wish I'd read this book years ago! Mary DeMuth provides a powerful tool in helping us recognize the warning signs before entering into a damaging friendship. A tool that could've informed my past relationships but will most definitely be applied to my future ones. The Seven Deadly Friendships belongs in every home—a resource you will refer to again and again!"
T.H. Meyer, coauthor of A God of All Seasons

"In an ocean of marriage and parenting books, Mary's voice is the still small whisper on an oft-overlooked area of heartache and confusion: friendship. Mary applies the seven deadly sins to friendship, helping the reader to identify and deal with those who might be narcissists, unreliable, predators, conmen, tempters, fakers, or dramatic. If you long to be a friend, have a friend, or understand friendship, this book is for you."
Amy Young, author of Looming Transitions

"We all need someone to help us navigate messy relationships, and Mary DeMuth is an excellent guide. It's eye-opening to read through the lists of tendencies to watch out for in our own hearts and in our relationships, and the personal stories helped me understand what those things look like in real life. I'll be rereading this book several times!"
Ashley Mays, author of Create!

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