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Running with Joy
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Release Date: February 2011
Print Length: 208
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4413-7

Running with Joy

My Daily Journey to the Marathon

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From the fastest American-born marathoner of all time, here is an intimate, day-by-day account of what it takes—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—to be one of the best in the world. This journal chronicles Ryan Hall’s 14-week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon, providing practical insights into the daily regimen of someone training at the absolute peak of human performance. It also reveals the spiritual journey of an elite athlete who is a follower of Jesus Christ.

Readers will discover how Ryan deals with nagging injuries and illness, bad weather, disappointing workouts, and a slavish focus on results that can take the fun out of running. Ryan runs 140 miles a week, often at altitude and a blistering pace. Yet millions of everyday runners will identify with and appreciate his intentional return to running with joy and his lifelong goal of glorifying Christ on and off the racecourse.

Meet the author

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall holds the American records for the half marathon and 20k, and his 2:04:58 marathon time is the fastest ever by an American. Ryan’ s wife, Sara, is also a professional runner. Their Hall Steps Foundation urges the running community to help end global poverty.

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Editorial Reviews

“The fastest American-born marathoner of all time offers an inside track on the day-to-day life of a runner, a life unglamorous and yet inspiring…a steady pace for a powerful finish.”

“Runners aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this book. Any athletes who have grappled with perfectionism will find an insightful perspective in Running with Joy.”
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"Ryan Hall is so strong in his faith, he doesn't separate running and his relationship with God at all...

"The fourteen-week journal of his pursuit for a great race, coupled with Ryan's running tips, make Running with Joy a great resource for any level of runner."

“You don't have to be a runner to appreciate Ryan Hall's inspiring professional career log, Running with Joy. Anyone who enjoys reading about the trials and triumphs of a person reaching a lifelong goal will find Hall's narrative both entertaining and enlightening.”

“No matter what you believe, if you believe in the run, you will take something away from Running with Joy.”

“I definitely recommend the book, it is an easy read and one you will enjoy as a runner, as a disciple of Christ or just as an interested reader.”

“He [Ryan Hall] is a solid Christian dude who views his ability to run long distances as a gift from God that should be utilized to glorify God. It has really put into perspective how I should view my running, and exercise in general.”

“Pretty interesting.”

“I know some people are turned off by how religious he is but I very much enjoyed this aspect of the book. I am also Christian and even if I wasn’t, it’s nice to read a book by someone who is introspective about his emotions and his relationship to the world around him. I would highly recommend this book for many reasons.”

“It is a book with a great message filled with many lesson to be learned.”

“I love Ryan’s attitude about racing to be the best HE can be. For Ryan, it’s not all about winning every race, it’s more important to run well, the race God has set before him.”

“Overall, I found Hall’s book to be very interesting and motivating. It really inspired me to keep a daily log of my thoughts about running...I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the focus, lifestyle, and confidence needed to run a successful marathon.”

“As a runner, I truly enjoyed the account of Ryan Hall's 14 week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon in his book Running with Joy…He has motivated me into wanting to start small and watch God do something big in me. I recommend this book to a marathon runner or the one wants to run a 5k. Either way, this book will inspire you.”

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"I truly enjoyed reading Ryan Hall's account of his quest to reach the top level of international sports most competitive event—the Marathon! Ryan's goal of competitive athletic excellence at the 114th Boston marathon was reached...but the getting there is the story so few understand. That, and Ryan's unique ability to aim high while exemplifying the best of American athletics, what it means to be a giving person, and a spiritual person, is truly special and his story worth reading by anyone who values these qualities.

"A unique book by a true American Champion!"
Bill Rodgers, Multiple World Marathon Champion

Running with Joy is a great read. Part devotional and part training log, Ryan records with such transparency the path to finding real joy as he has lived out his unique and challenging life. I was encouraged by the way he matched his intense work ethic with the desire to release it all in order to meet God in every situation. I think he has something to say to all of us and those thoughts transcend even his amazing athleticism.”
Richard Watson, M.D., Director, Clinical Science, Revalesio

“I greatly enjoyed reading Running with Joy. Ryan’s transparency and honesty were what I would expect from an athlete so dedicated to his Lord. I have long been a fan of Ryan Hall and Running with Joy reminded me why I am. As a coach, I enjoyed getting a close-up look at his training and as a Christian brother, I enjoyed getting a close-up look at his heart. Go Ryan!”
Brant Tolsma, Head Track/CC Coach at Liberty University and author of The Surrendered Christian Athlete

"It was refreshing to read that our personal value comes from our Maker, our Father who made us in His image and has given us Life through His Son!

"Ryan lets you 'run with him' and experience the race as he plows through the finish line. Listening to Ryan's 'self-talk' encouraged us to not give up and to go for excellence, even when we are in the midst of hardship. Thank you for letting us into your world Ryan."
Pastor Dave & Stevie Nelson, The Lighthouse

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