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Release Date: September 2013
Page Count: 256
Size: 5 1/4 x 8
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5560-7
Case Lot Quantity: 40


One Family’s Miraculous Story of Survival

When a family outing in a private plane takes a tragic turn, a Memorial Day trip becomes an unforgettable 15 hours of danger, rescue efforts, and miracles.

On a clear Saturday morning, professional fire captain and private pilot Brian Brown, his wife, and younger daughter headed out in their Cessna Sky Hawk for a weekend with their elder daughter.  But unexpected severe conditions send the craft into the treacherous War Eagle Idaho mountainside…a remote place that would make communication and rescue nearly impossible—if they survived. 

This captivating story, featured on The Today Show, is about a family in crisis, emergency plans for survival, and the incredible orchestration of local, state, and national rescue workers who brave unpredictable obstacles to accomplish the unimaginable.

An intriguing account of faith and courage reminds readers that one’s darkest hour can become the landscape for miracles to unfold.

Meet the authors

Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a Fire Captain with the Cosumnes fire department and a Deputy Chief for the Wilton fire district in California. He and his team respond to 5000 emergency calls a year. Brian and his wife, Jayann, and daughter Heather were in the War Eagle crash while his older daughter, Tabitha, awaited their arrival in...

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Eileen Chambers

Eileen Chambers

Eileen M. Chambers is an independent filmmaker and author of numerous nonfiction books. The daughter of a World War II U.S. Army Ranger, Chambers’ work often focuses on the stories of common people who rise to greatness through adversity.  She is the owner of Montana Blue, a writer-friendly, audience-specific company that enables writers...

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A Word from the Author

"Rescued really has many meanings as the book reaches out to a variety of audiences such as men, rescuers, pilots, firefighters, and families in crisis. For each group of people it will have its own meaning, but I feel it also shares my deepest meaning, ‘hope.’ In this true life experience, my family and I not only had our lives spared, but I personally feel as though my soul was rescued through true hope and faith in God’s work. I always believed in God, but now I am a child of God.”
Brian Brown, author of Rescued

Editorial Reviews

“This is family versus wild, and by the grace of God, family wins.”
CBA Retailers+Resources

“The rescuer’s accounts are amazing to read.”

“This is an amazing story.”

“…the whole book keeps you on the edge of your seat…”

“…a page turner…”

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“I couldn't put this book down! It's a great read—well written and full of suspense, action, and emotion.  It's a fascinating look into the world of first responders and the calculated risks they undertake to help those in need. It makes a compelling case as to how far the human spirit will go to survive and how much risk and effort other human spirits will make to try and save a fellow traveler in this human experience we call mortality. Rescued should be on the reading and Christmas gift list of all who delight in sitting down on a cold winter’s night with a book that both increases the pulse rate and warms the heart!”
Mark Meaker, Fire Chief (Retired)

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