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Rebecca’s Choice
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Release Date: February 2010
Page Count: 304
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2637-9
Case Lot Quantity: 40
Collection/Series Name: The Adams County Trilogy
Series: 3

Rebecca’s Choice

Popular Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher finishes the Adam’s County Trilogy with an intriguing story of a young couple’s love, a community of faith, and devotion to truth.

Rebecca Keim is now engaged to John Miller, and they are looking forward to life together. When Rebecca goes to Milroy to attend her beloved teacher’s funeral, John receives a mysterious letter accusing Rebecca of scheming to marry him for money. Determined to forsake his past jealousies and suspicions, John tries hard to push the accusations from his mind.

Upon Rebecca’s return, disturbing news quickly follows. She is named as the sole heir to her teacher’s three farms. But there’s a condition—she must marry an Amish man. When John confronts Rebecca, she claims to know nothing. Soon Rachel Byler, the vengeful but rightful heir to the property, arrives and reveals secrets from the past. Now the whole community is reeling!

Meet the author

Jerry S. Eicher

Jerry S. Eicher

Jerry Eicher’s Amish fiction has sold more than 800,000 copies. After a traditional Amish childhood, Jerry taught for two terms in Amish and Mennonite schools in Ohio and Illinois. Since then he’s been involved in church renewal, preaching, and teaching Bible studies. Jerry lives with his wife, Tina, in Virginia.

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A Word from the Author

Rebecca’s Choice wraps up the Adams County Trilogy, the story of an engaged girl with forgotten promises in the past. Her fiancé, John struggles with his insecurities and a near fatal accident. Then there is Rachel Byler and her inheritance which ends up casting a broad shadow over John and Rebecca’s lives. This is an inside look at the Amish community, which so many have come to love from afar. I hope you enjoy the tale.”
Jerry Eicher, author of Rebecca’s Choice

Editorial Reviews

“The last The Adams County Trilogy book is captivating from start to finish. The Amish history, written by an author with a vast amount of knowledge about the Amish and Mennonite ways, is wonderful to read about. The characters are charming and enduring, and readers will not soon forget them or their struggles to do the right thing.”

Rebecca’s Choice will surely find a place in your heart.”
—Diane A. Brown, The Reader's Cove

“This is top-notch Amish writing!”

“I highly recommend this book, and as I said, you could read it alone, but it's much better if you read the whole trilogy…It's a wonderful story of love and sacrifice.”
Life In Review blog


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12/21/14 MollyBuuklvr81

“The final book in the Adam’s County Trilogy, Rebecca’s Choice is another great book by Jerry S. Eicher! This book, like the others, still has a bit of twisty suspense to it but it has more of the romantic struggle side to it. It has the twists of every day struggles mixed with an unwavering faith in God and makes it just as good as the other two! I was, again, drawn into another magnificent Amish novel and didn’t want to say good bye to the characters! They became like family! It was very sad to say good bye, but I look forward to more amazing stories by this talented author! If you love Amish, Christian Fiction, and Romance, then you must add Rebecca’s Choice to your books! Another 5 star book on my list!”

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