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The Quaker and the Rebel
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Release Date: January 2014
Print Length: 352
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5051-0
Series: 1

The Quaker and the Rebel

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Bestselling author Mary Ellis presents The Quaker and the Rebel, Book 1 of her brand-new Civil War historical romance series, which tells the stories of brave women in times of testing and the men who love them.

Emily Harrison’s life has been turned upside down. At the beginning of the Civil War, she bravely attempted to continue her parents’ work as conductors in the Underground Railroad until their Ohio farm was sold in foreclosure. Now alone, she accepts a position as a governess with a doctor’s family in slave-holding Virginia. Perhaps she can continue her rescue efforts from there.

Alexander Hunt is the doctor’s handsome nephew. While he does not deny a growing attraction to his uncle’s newest employee, he cannot take time to pursue Emily. Alex is not at all what he seems—rich, spoiled, and indolent. He is the elusive Gray Wraith, a Quaker leader of Rebel partisans. A man of the shadows, he carries no firearm and wholeheartedly believes in Emily’s antislavery convictions.

The path before Alex and Emily is complicated and sometimes life threatening. The war brings betrayal, entrapment, and danger to both of them. Amid their growing feelings for each other, can they find faith in God amid the challenges they face and trust in the possibility for a bright future together?

Meet the author

Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis is the bestselling author of many books, including A Widow's Hope, An Amish Family Reunion, and Living in Harmony. She and her husband live in central Ohio, where they try to live a simpler style of life.

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A Word from the Author

"The Quaker and the Rebel is first of a new series that allowed me to put years of stomping around Civil War battlefields, sleeping in drafty B&B's, and reading dozens of non-fictional bios of famous generals to good use. My historical romance pits a Yankee pacifist against a Southern planter's son, allowing both to come to new understanding of God's will during wartime. I hope you enjoy!"
Mary Ellis, author of The Quaker and the Rebel

Editorial Reviews

"Ellis brings to life the hills and plantations of West Virginia, chaotic war-weary Richmond, and the plight of runaway slaves...readers will find the book enjoyable and engrossing."
Publishers Weekly

"Ellis has written a well thought-out novel with great historical details about the war and the Underground Railroad."
—RT Book Reviews

"...The Quaker and the Rebel not only provides a glimpse into American history, it may also challenge readers to consider the reasons behind what they believe."
CBA Retailers+Resources

"The plot is interesting, believable, and well written."
Church Libraries

"The first Civil War Heroines' romance is an exciting historical..."
The Midwest Book Review

"This book is very difficult to put down."

"Filled with intrigue, twists around every chapter, and nail-biting tension, The Quaker and the Rebel is a well-rounded book bound to enthrall."

"I found this book to be very well written, especially within the time period of the Civil War."

"The author does a wonderful job of weaving historical content with a love story."

"...I'll definitely be looking for the next in the series!"

"Mary Ellis has made a fan out of me..."

"...this book really drew me in."

"There's danger, romance and unexpected twists and turns in this historical fiction novel that I know you'll love!"

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"I love Civil War-era romances, and I'm certainly a fan of this one. I'm hoping this is the first of many from Mary Ellis set in this time period!"
Laurie Kingery, author of The Preacher's Bride Claim

"The story moves quickly and kept me turning the pages...If you're compiling your 2014 reading list, for a quick and entertaining read, consider adding Mary Ellis's The Quaker and the Rebel."
Sandra Ardoin,

"Mary Ellis has woven an intriguing historical story of honor, trust, and love. Readers will care about the characters and feel compelled to continue reading until all the issues are resolved. I highly recommend The Quaker and the Rebel to fans of historical fiction, inspirational fiction, and romance. If you are not a fan of one of these genres, you may just become one!"
Susan Simpson

"I am very impressed at how well the author handled both discussions and individual characters' thoughts because they seemed neither stilted nor unfitting for each character's education and station in society."
Carrie C. Wolfgang

"The Quaker and the Rebel is one of the best Civil War novels I've ever read. One thing I loved about this novel that I haven't seen in other novels about a Yankee and a Confederate falling in love is that neither sacrifices their principles and the issue of slavery is not watered down to make it palatable. That's what makes this novel so good, and it's what makes the obstacles between Alex and Emily seem so insurmountable. If you love Civil War fiction, I highly recommend this novel."
Tamera Lynn Kraft, author,

"Don't pick up The Quaker and The Rebel expecting just a romance. Because you'll get a whole lot more."
Dora Hiers, author of Heart Racing, God-Gracing Romance

"Mary is an excellent writer and I loved the twists and turns the book took along the way. The insights she gives into the daily lives of both the Quaker and the Southern lifestyles is enlightening. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the Civil War."
Carol Lee Shevlin, Inn Keeper, Simple Pleasures Bed and Breakfast

"I very much enjoyed The Quaker and the Rebel. Keep up the good work, Mary."
—April Barnett

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