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Princess with a Purpose™
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Release Date: January 2010
Page Count: 32
Size: 9.0000 x 9.0000
Binding: HC-Trade Cloth
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2435-1
Case Lot Quantity: 20

Princess with a Purpose™

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“You became a real princess the moment you prayed and asked Jesus to live in your heart. And since He is the King of Kings and you are His daughter, that makes you His princess.”

Princess with a Purpose is all about finding true identity in Christ. It all began when Kelly Chapman’s daughter, Kendall, then four years old, asked, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a princess. Where do I go to be one? Do I go to Mickey Land?” Those words sparked a passion in Kelly’s heart for little girls and women of all ages. In Princess with a Purpose, readers will discover that, as daughters of the King, they truly are God’s princesses. A sweet and simple story, followed by a princess prayer, gives even the littlest reader a royal feeling of being part of the family of God.

For ages 3 to 8

Meet the authors

Kelly Chapman

Kelly Chapman

Kelly Chapman is an experienced and sought-after speaker. She and the Royal Purpose Ministries staff present the Princess with a Purpose Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy programs to groups throughout the United States. Kelly married her college sweetheart, Brit, and they have two children and a dog named Bean.

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Tammie Lyon

Tammie Lyon pursues a freelance career in the children's market. When working on creative projects, including the Princess with a Purpose™ and related products, she loves spending the day in her studio with her dog, Gus. She and her husband, Lee, live in Ohio.

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Editorial Reviews

“ I loved this illustrator’ s work— the details are captivating and so sweet!”
Five Star Reviewed Books

“ The message behind the story is wonderful. The pictures will please the daintiest princess. I enjoyed this book and look forward to sharing it with my granddaughters.”

Princess with a Purpose™ addresses some of the real fears and misgivings that young girls wrestle with and directs the inner vision to higher goals.”
The Midwest Book Review

“ A sweet and simple story followed by a princess prayer gives even the smallest little girl a royal feeling of being a part of the family of God.”
Libraries Alive

“ This story is touching and easy for young girls to relate to. The illustrations by Tammie Lyon are expressive and full of lots of princess-y things.”
Christian Children’ s Book Review

“ It is pink with sparkly poke-a-dots and that alone will get any girl's attention! But as you turn the pages it captures the heart of any little girl as it tells them how they can be a princess.”

“ I love how Kelly Chapman gets right on kids' level in these books...My favorite part of the Princess with a Purpose concept is how they teach the girls that real princesses don't use a mirror to look in. They hold the mirror out, facing it up to the sky to see Jesus. I love that concept.”

“ This is a must have book for all young girls. What a great way to teach them about God’ s love for them.”

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10/14/15 Amy


“In this amazing book by Kelly Chapman, little girls learn how they can become REAL princesses. It is a great tool to teach our younger daughters about being a REAL princess, the daughters of the KING of Kings.

“My daughter’s opinion: ‘I liked it!’ My opinion: This is a must have book for all young girls. What a great way to teach them about God’s love for them. How we truly are princesses when we are part of the family of God. This is not a fairy tale dream, every girl really CAN become a princess!”

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