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Release Date: January 2006
Page Count: 20
Size: 5 3/8 x 7 1/2
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1584-7
Case Lot Quantity: 30


The Christian Alternative to Yoga

For 22 years Laurette Willis studied yoga and endured a difficult journey through New Age beliefs. When she became a Christian, she was given the desire to create a Christian alternative to yoga. Now churches across America host her PraiseMoves program, which helps people

  • increase flexibility and balance
  • lose weight and gain endurance
  • nurture a rich, meaningful prayer life
  • ease depression and stress and inspire joy
  • develop a deep knowledge of Scripture

This DVD provides two workouts—60 and 20 minutes—that are easy, effective, and intended for all fitness levels.

Exercise enthusiasts will love to incorporate this time of worship, health, and rejuvenation into their daily walk with God.

Meet the author

Laurette Willis

Laurette Willis

Laurette Willis, the founder of PraiseMoves® , is a Women’ s Fitness Specialist and certified personal trainer, as well as a popular keynote speaker and an award-winning actor and playwright. She has produced the videos PraiseMoves™ and Power PraiseMoves™ and written BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness.

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Editorial Reviews

“It’s difficult to get to the gym. We’re busy and don’t want to take the time. But we know we should, if we want to stay healthy. With Willis’ DVD, PraiseMoves™: The Christian Alternative to Yoga, you can, in your own home, increase your flexibility, improve your circulation and enhance your level of energy. Her stretching and flexibility exercises are accomplished without the influence of Eastern exercise practices. Laurette Willis’ program is one that everyone can participate in and benefit from. As an added bonus, buy her book also—it’s a great companion with her DVD.”

“I cannot even being to describe the tranquility and peace that comes over my body as I listen to scripture being said while working out. I have always wanted to try yoga and this video is great for beginners or intermediates. Each yoga pose is biblically based and can be modified to fit an individual’s needs.

PraiseMoves™ reduces stress and helps improve circulation in the body. When I come home from work, I put this on and immediately I feel the stress leave my body…I love this this DVD because it helps remind me to glorify God in everything I do.”

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12/21/14 Susan Orwell

"Laurette’s teachings have reduced all my depression and anxiety. I no longer have to struggle with it and have gone off medication. While I recommend everyone following their doctor’s orders, I’m glad my doctor said I was fine without the use of meds now. Please be good to yourself and use these godly teachings and exercises.”

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"Great idea! Now Christians have an answer for 'Yoga.' The body of Christ needs more exercise. This DVD will encourage them to have fun while improving their health."
Herman & Sharron Bailey, co-hosts of It's Time for Herman & Sharron

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