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The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible
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Release Date: August 2013
Page Count: 512
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4485-4
Case Lot Quantity: 20

The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible

Discoveries That Confirm the Reliability of Scripture

From two leading Christian apologists, here is a fascinating survey of the most important Old and New Testament archaeological discoveries through the ages.

Biblical archaeology has always stirred excitement among believers and curiosity among unbelievers. The evidence dug up with a spade can speak volumes—and serve as a powerful testimony of the reliability of Scripture.

Norm Geisler and Joe Holden have put together an impressive array of finds that confirm the biblical peoples and events of ages past. In a user-friendly format written in popular style, they…

  • examine the latest finds and explain their significance
  • include more than 150 photographs
  • provide an instructive chart of artifacts (along with fast facts)
  • sample a variety of finds—papyri, inscriptions, scrolls, ossuaries, and more

If readers are looking for just one book to cover this topic both concisely and comprehensively, this is it!

Meet the authors

Norman Geisler

Norman Geisler is author or coauthor of more than 80 books and hundreds of articles. He has taught at the university and graduate level for nearly 50 years and has spoken or debated in all 50 states and in 25 countries. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Loyola University and is the chancellor and distinguished professor of theology...

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Joseph M. Holden

Joseph M. Holden

Joseph M. Holden (PhD, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, Wales) is the President of Veritas International University in southern California ( He is the general editor of the forthcoming The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics (Harvest House Publishers, 2018), co-editor of the forthcoming The Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands (Harvest House Publishers, 2019), co-editor of...

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Editorial Reviews

“This book could easily be used as a textbook, but is also a great resource for the teachers and serious Bible students in your church.”
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The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible is the most comprehensive and useful book of archaeology I’ve ever seen.”
Dr. Robert Lightner, adjunct professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

“What is unique about this book is that archaeological and historical facts are presented and shown to buttress the reliability of the biblical text. Included in the volume are a number of charts, tables and photos, which are helpful. This volume is highly recommended and should be in the library of every serious Bible student.”
—Ralph E. MacKenzie, author of Revealing Snapshots: People and Events that Shaped Christianity

"This book is a triumph in its field, delivering exactly what it promises to deliver. The formula has been attempted before, but Geisler and Holden are masters of the art of casting new illumination on familiar themes. Fully abreast with current archaeological scholarship, it informs the reader of the latest discoveries and discussions and explains their significance. A highlight of this volume is the number of charts tabulating every conceivable aspect of the subject from 'archaeologese' to a table enumerating New Testament persons cited in ancient non-Christian sources."
Leen Ritmeyer, PhD, Ritmeyer Archaeological Design

"Introductory books on archaeology and the Bible that are both up-to-date and written from a Bible-honoring perspective are hard to come by. That's why I'm so pleased with the publication of A Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible. It's important that both Bible believers and skeptics encounter the archaeological and historical evidences demonstrating the historical accuracy and authenticity of the Old and New Testaments. Geisler and Holden have done a remarkable job in compacting a great deal of information into a single volume that's lay-friendly and also valuable in an academic setting. I look forward to using this book in my archaeology classes!"
Steven Collins, PhD, Dean, College of Archaeology, Trinity Southwest University, Director/Chief Archaeologist, Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Jordan

"In a day when the Bible is under constant attack, this book is a welcome defense of the Bible's reliability and accuracy. Intended for the layperson, the book introduces the reader to significant artifacts and manuscripts relating to the historical and textual reliability of the Bible. I highly recommend this user-friendly resource."
Ron Rhodes, ThD, President, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, Adjunct Professor of Theology and Apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary

"Finding an up-to-date and reliable guide for the use of archaeology as evidence in apologetics has been a challenge. That challenge has been met with this helpful and timely resource. All who defend the faith will be grateful for the facts presented here!"
Randall Price, PhD, Distinguished Research Professor, Center for Judaic Studies, Liberty University

"There are many books on archaeology, but Drs. Geisler and Holden have given us something more, namely, an archaeological apologetic of the veracity of the biblical text, along with helpful information that enables us to understand how archaeology may support our confidence in God's Word. I am pleased to be able to recommend the book."
H. Wayne House, ThD, JD, Distinguished Professor of Theology, Law, and Culture, Faith Evangelical Seminary

"Drs. Holden and Geisler have produced a masterful book on the apologetic value of biblical archeology. This incredible volume is at once both insightful and informative. It is accessible to readers of every level and enables them to dig into the wealth of materials that have been unearthed over the centuries. Don't miss this treasure trove of information that will make your Bible study come alive today and every day."
Ed Hindson, DMin, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Biblical Studies, Liberty University

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