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Overcoming Hurts and Anger
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Release Date: November 2015
Page Count: 160
Size: 4 1/4 x 7
Binding: Mass
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6833-1
Case Lot Quantity: 80

Overcoming Hurts and Anger

Finding Freedom from Negative Emotions

With its updated cover, the classic bestseller Overcoming Hurts & Anger (500,000 copies sold) continues to help readers find the love and acceptance they long for by teaching them how to handle strong emotions constructively.

God-given emotions help people evaluate and cope with the world around them. But when they’re intense they can be overwhelming and harmful. And often Christians are told to ignore their anger and “be happy.” Packed with real-life illustrations from Dr. Carlson’s counseling practice, Overcoming Hurts & Anger encourages readers as they discover:

  • why feeling angry is normal and acceptable
  • what happens when anger and hurts are mishandled
  • what the Bible really says about anger
  • how to handle strong emotions step-by-step
  • how anger and forgiveness interact

In easy-to-understand language, Dwight shows readers how to approach people and circumstances in ways that keep communication open, handle problems as they arise, and keep God’s love, mercy, and grace flowing.

Meet the author

Dwight Carlson

Dwight Carlson

Dwight Carlson, MD, is the author of nine books. He is a specialist in both internal medicine and psychiatry; practicing for over 35 years. He taught as a assistant clinical professor at UCLA. He is a diligent student of the Bible and lives in Santa Barbara.

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