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Release Date: March 2019
Page Count: 240
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound Layflat (flaps)
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7584-1
Case Lot Quantity: 48


Igniting a Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness

“Ben Courson is a vital voice for this generation.” —Rich Wilkerson Jr.

“This book will give you clear and simple direction to unleash hope, faith, and optimism in your life as you become an Optimisfit!” —Levi Lusko

Op•ti•mis•fit, n: a nonconformist, an adventurer, a person who lives with wild abandon, childlike wonder, and unapologetic optimism.

You were never meant to fit in. You were made to stand out.

With passion, purpose, a large dose of humor, and a wild sense of wonder, Optimisfits offers a road map for a better way to live. It’s calling you to seize your status as an outsider and wage a fierce rebellion against the hopelessness of the world by living out an intensely optimistic approach to every day.

Ben Courson and a band of misfits invite you to join them on an epic adventure with God and with the Squad.

#hopeisdope! And it’s time to spread it like fire. Are you ready to make a real difference and ignite the world? Join the Optimisfits and see sparks fly!

Meet the author

Ben  Courson

Ben Courson

Ben Courson is the founder of Hope Generation, has a global TV and radio program, and is a gifted and nationally renowned speaker. Hope Generation TV show airs in 180 countries around the world. Ben's humorous, uplifting, and high-energy style couples with a gift to communicate God’s heart in an impactful way. His...

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“Ben Courson is a vital voice for this generation. He discovers hidden truths in God’s Word and communicates them in a refreshing way. Optimisfits will give you a new perspective on God…and on your own life.”
Rich Wilkerson Jr., reality TV star of Rich In Faith, author, and senior pastor of Vous Church

“Once you have finished reading this book you’ll know what it means to have authentic hope! Ben gives you a new way of thinking and tools for getting over the obstacles that are holding you back. And he does it with complete honesty and total transparency. If you aren’t sure what God is asking of you, where you fit in, or like you are unqualified to live a life of real optimism, then Optimisfits is the perfect book for you!”
Madeline Carroll, star of Grey’s Anatomy, I Can Only Imagine, and Lost

Optimisfits is goofy, funny, profound, and wise. It will reawaken that part of you that has forgotten how to enthusiastically embrace life in all its wonder. Hope is a message that people often don’t know they need, but this book delivers it in all its unbridled splendor.”
Tyson Spiess, star of Tiny Houses

“Ben is adventurous, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious. He brings childlike wonder and honest faith together in such rare form. Check out Optimisfits!”
Ryan Stevenson, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter with #1 songs on the Billboard charts

“If you were to combine the positivity of Tony Robbins, the energy of Usain Bolt, and the courage of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, you’d have Ben Courson and his book Optimisfits. It is the perfect extension of who Ben is—a person passionate about life, friends, the lost, and especially about Jesus Christ. In every chapter we learn about the importance of being who we really are, of failing forward, and of laughing at fear. After reading this incredible book you will walk away motivated, challenged, and encouraged to take on life in a new and powerful way.”
Stephen Christian, lead singer of Anberlin; over a million records sold

“Ben has all the energy and style of a rapper or a DJ, and he brings a message of hope for all our daily struggles. He tears his chest open and spills his heart as his book shouts: ‘We cannot live without hope; the battle has already been won!’ I’ve known Ben for a long time and always wished he would write a book. Now he has. You need to check it out!”
Austin Carlile, lead singer of popular bands Of Mice and Men and Attack Attack!

“A must-read! Ben is a living voice of hope for the future of our generation!”
Meredith Foster, YouTube and Instagram celebrity

“Ben is passionate about helping others find something to be passionate about. I love his message and his vision!”
Kyle Singler, NBA basketball player

“Ben Courson is a unique gift to this generation. From the moment I first heard him, I knew he would not leave the world as he found it. His unbridled joy, inquisitive nature, insatiable quest to learn, and depth of wisdom bely his years and make him one to watch. Optimisfits is more than a book—it’s a prophetic call to a new and better way of living.”
Terry Crist, TV host of Café Theology and lead pastor of Hillsong Phoenix

“My friend Ben lives the countercultural message he writes about in this book, and he will give you the clear and simple direction you need to unleash hope, faith, and optimism in your life as you become an Optimisfit!”
Levi Lusko, bestselling author, TV and radio host, and senior pastor of Fresh Life

“Ben’s message is: Embrace who you are because it’s exactly who Jesus made you to be. Optimsfits is a must for anyone struggling to find their identity and purpose!”
William Daniels, professional soccer player

Optimisfits is a bold call to reject social norms and embrace your uniqueness in a world that promotes blind conformity. Ben knows what it means to live a life that is both realistic and fearless, full of faith and hope.”
Taylor Kalupa, star of Law & Order and The Fix

“The first time I heard Ben speak about hope, it wasn’t from a stage or a pulpit. It was face to face, from his heart. I love his message, but what really makes me love him as a person is his willingness to open up from a place of pain and vulnerability. It’s all here in this book—tried by fire and truly authentic. Open up your heart and get ready to be challenged, changed, and charged up by this book!”
Matt Hammitt, two-time Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning lead singer of Sanctus Real

“I love this attention-grabbing, thought-provoking page-turner of a book! You won’t be able to put it down, and when you finish, you’ll want to become part of the Optimisfit squad. Thank you, Ben, for writing this life-changing book.”
Carolyn A. Brent, award-winning author and star of Across All Ages

Optimisfits is amazingly energetic, biblically optimistic, and always fun! Ben faces life with a buoyancy and confidence that comes from working through his own pain and darkness. Do yourself a favor and read this book—and then pass it along to someone you love.”
Skip Heitzig, national TV and radio host, author, and senior pastor of Calvary Albuquerque

“Ben is leading the charge to fearlessly and boldly take ground back from the enemy. Dive into this book and let truth wash over you and purpose be ignited in your heart once again.”
Masey McLain, star of Christine and I’m Not Ashamed

“Has life brought you to your knees? Do you struggle with finding a life worth living? Are you trapped in a limiting, debilitating, anti-inspiring box? Well, this book is an axe to chop your way out! Join Ben, me, and our squad of Optimisfits on the journey of a lifetime—dreaming big, living abundantly, and fulfilling your destiny!”
Ebo Elder, pro boxing champion

“Ben has the ability to transform your entire life in one sentence, and Optimisfits will change the way you think about everything. A must-read!”
Cambria Joy, author and YouTube celebrity

“I’m praying that many people will encounter the presence and peace of God through Ben’s brilliant and quirky writing style. He is free to be who God made him to be, and I love the reminder to be an Optimisfit!”
Todd Doxzon, former NFL quarterback and senior pastor of Love Church

“You will be blessed by Ben Courson’s book, which is full of great stories, profound insights, and a huge dose of biblical optimism. You’ll walk away from this book with HOPE!”
Daniel Fusco, TV host, author, and senior pastor of Crossroads

“Ben writes in such a fun and winsome style that you can’t help but get swept up in the enjoyment and enrichment of this book. You’ll walk away full of encouragement, hope, and a deep desire to be an Optimisfit yourself.”
Ben Malcolmson, bestselling author and special assistant to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

“We all need more life-changing optimism, and if you need a potent dose to drown out hopelessness, look no further than Optimisfits.”
Chris Brown, nationally syndicated radio host

“This book will be a huge encouragement to those who need it. I believe in Ben’s message and love reading his stories.”
Chelsea Crockett, actress, author, and YouTube celebrity

“Ben is the ‘Hope Evangelist.’ You’ll find yourself writing in the margins of Optimisfits and returning to its pages often. I needed this message!”
Perry Atkinson, founder and host of Dove Radio and TV

“A relentless reminder that hope always has the last word. Optimisfits is engaging, insightful, and bursting with life. This is a message the emerging generation needs to hear. Ben’s words will blow through the ashes of your fear and ignite your soul in hope.”
Dominic Done, author of When Faith Fails and senior pastor of A Jesus Church

“I’ve seen firsthand what happens when Ben speaks to crowds and how desperately this generation needs hope in their lives. Optmisfits will have a much-needed impact!”
Ryan Ries, radio host and founder of the Whosoevers Movement

“Ben has done more than write these pages. He has lived them. I’ve never met anyone more contagiously hopeful. This book set my misfit heart on fire with the hope of Jesus. It is a masterpiece! Read it at your own risk.”
Austin French, Rising Star finalist and Billboard-charting singer

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