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The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women
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Release Date: December 2018
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7226-0
Case Lot Quantity: 60

The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women

21 Strategies for Financial Empowerment

Financial Freedom: It’s not about wealth—it’s about peace of mind

Money—and all the worries that come with it—can easily consume your days. In certified accountant Deborah Smith Pegues’s new book, she provides practical steps to real financial freedom.

If you want to make well-informed financial decisions to improve the quality of your life, The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women will help you learn:

  • how to use your inherent female qualities for financial empowerment
  • how you can overcome emotional and relational roadblocks to money management
  • how to ask for what you want in the workplace
  • strategies for getting out of debt and bringing your credit cards under control
  • the risks and rewards of investing, and much more

The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women will empower you to take charge of your money and conquer the bad habits, fears, and uncertainties that thwart your stability and success.

Meet the author

Deborah Smith Pegues

Deborah Smith Pegues

Deborah Smith Pegues is a CPA/MBA, certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Speaker, certified behavior consultant, Bible teacher, and international speaker. She has written 16 transformational books, including the bestselling 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue (over one million sold worldwide) and Emergency Prayers. She and her husband, Darnell, have been married nearly 40 years.

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“Leave it to Deborah to take two subjects I hated in school, math and accounting, and make them easy and entertaining. She has a beautiful gift to comfort and correct. Thank you, Deborah!”
P.B. (Bunny) Wilson, author, Liberated Through Submission and Your Knight in Shining Armor

The One Minute-Money Mentor for Women will flip your financial world upside down. In this powerful book, Deborah masterfully helps you comprehend where you are and then step by step leads you to the place of financial peace. Every woman, whether she thinks her finances are in order or acknowledges they are a train wreck, needs to read this book.”
Tracey Mitchell, author, Downside Up; TV host, Life from DFW; and CEO of The Winning Woman Consulting Group

“As a financial counselor for the past 20 years, I've observed many smart women who have made unwise financial decisions due to their lack of understanding of financial concepts, their attachment to toxic relationships, or a general mindset about finances that limits their dreams and goals. In her trademark direct and uncompromising style, Deborah confronts these and other pitfalls with no holds barred. I highly recommend this book to my clients and women everywhere.”
George B. Thompson, founder/president, Thompson Wealth Management and author of The Wealth Cycle

“Every married woman whose husband handles their finances should read this book. I know firsthand the importance of being knowledgeable and equipped to step in and manage this crucial area when life's circumstances dictate. Deborah addresses such delicate financial situations with sensitivity and strong admonitions. Read this book and be prepared!”
Patricia Ashley, founder/CEO, Patricia Ashley Ministries and author of Marriage Is a Blessing When It’s Done God’s Way

“I must admit that my greatest area of weakness is managing money. Deborah's book, The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women, gives me the tools I need to simplify my struggle in this area.”
Terri McFaddin-Solomon, author, speaker, two-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter, and cowriter of theme songs to movies Men in Black and Big

“Deborah Pegues is teaching the new generation of women how we can be successful with our finances by providing practical and helpful tools we can all use. This book will transform your attitude toward money and improve your financial situation. I highly recommend it to any person who wants to get and keep their financial house in order!”
Donna Recinos Clayton, network director, TBN Salsa Network and TV host of Faith with Flavor

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