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New Inductive Study Bible Milano Softone™ (ESV)

Release Date: July 2013
Print Length: 2360
Size: 6.0000 x 9.0000
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5719-9

New Inductive Study Bible Milano Softone™ (ESV)


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This Milano Softone edition of the Gold-Medallion-winning New Inductive Study Bible (over 700,000 sold) is now available in the trusted English Standard Version.

This Bible is based entirely on the inductive study approach, leading readers directly back to the source and allowing God’s Word to become its own commentary. Its many exceptional features include…

  • the 2011 ESV text, an essentially literal translation that seeks to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer
  • a 32-page explanation of the inductive study method, teaching readers how to observe, interpret, and apply the text to their everyday lives
  • four full-color pages with step-by-step instructions for studying and marking the text
  • individualized instructions for every book of the Bible
  • 24 pages of full-color charts and maps and dozens of unique study helps

This Bible gives believers all the tools they need to discover the riches of God’s Word!

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Editorial Reviews

“I’ve always said that the best study Bible is the Bible that contains tools to help you do your own study and that’s exactly where this Bible excels.” —BibleBuyingGuide.com “This Bible will become your friend and will keep you company for years as you learn to engage it, study it, and live it. I encourage everyone to have their own copy…” —ThinkTheology.org

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