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My Name Is River
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Release Date: October 2015
Page Count: 144
Size: 5 1/4 x 8
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6461-6
Case Lot Quantity: 80

My Name Is River

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It's 1983, and twelve-year-old River Starling's life is anything but normal. She was adopted on a whim and came without a birth certificate. Her adoptive parents gave her up to her grandmother when she was only two, but River is certain her parents will come back.

River's hopes fall apart when Gram uproots them from their farmhouse and decides to move to Birdsong, West Virginia, the most miserable town River has ever seen. There she makes an unlikely friendship with an unusual boy and learns about acceptance, hard work, forgiveness, and the love of Jesus.

Discover the unforgettable story of one girl's search for a place to call home.

Meet the author

Wendy Dunham

Wendy Dunham

Wendy Dunham is an award-winning inspirational children's and middle grade author, a registered therapist for children with special needs, and a blessed mamma of two amazing grown-up kids. She is the author of two middle-grade novels: My Name is River and its sequel, Hope Girl. She has a series of early-readers titled The Tales...

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A Word from the Author

"Life isn't a fairytale, but rather a mix of inconceivable highs and grievous lows, with every other piece of life, beautiful and ugly, stuffed between. Books for young people need real life characters, those who face adversity with strength and show the reader how to live. Unexpected change, faith, acceptance, trust, family, perseverance, friendship, life, death, forgiveness, hope...these are part of life."
Wendy Dunham, author of My Name Is River

Editorial Reviews

"An honest look at faith and love."

"Striking an interesting balance between Christian fiction and classic middle-grade realistic fiction, this will find an easy home with fans of Robin Caroll's Samantha Sanderson series."

"...a sweet, moving drama that will speak to the pre-teens and teens alike."

"My Name is River is an epic book with tons of twists and turns. This book will have you both laughing and crying. The ending was amazing! I really, really loved this book and I hope to read more from this author real soon."


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11/12/15 Bonnie


“I enjoyed reading ‘My Name is River’. This book is a great read for ages 10-100. The setting was just as enjoyable as the characters in the story. I am eagerly waiting for Wendy’s next book.”

11/12/15 Debbie


“‘My Name Is River’ is a terrific story for both young boys and girls and even those ‘young at heart’! I enjoyed River from the first page right to the end! The author did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend the story to anyone. Lots of unexpected happenings and I can’t wait for her next book and follow River on her journey! THUMBS UP!! A beautiful Christian story!”

11/12/15 Brenda


“What a wonderful and well written story! This book is a great read for all ages and will be loved by all that read it. It takes a lot to keep my attention in a book and this one did from beginning to end.”

11/12/15 Pamela


“What a thought-provoking book. ‘My Name Is River’ was purchased as a gift for my tween daughter. I watched as it pulled out a range of emotions from within her. River’s journey is a bumpy one and author, Wendy Dunham, weaves Biblical wisdom into the narrative to help the young girl cope with her hard life experiences. Our cheeks were wet by the end of the book. There’s a really thought-provoking discussion guide at the end which enhanced the life lessons in the story. Bravo!”

10/27/15 Sheila G.


“Perfect story for the preteen/early-teen audience; encompassing the common struggles experienced in youth. In this story River experiences moving, being the new kid, making friends and relating with family. River then faces unexpected dangers with her new friend and unexpected challenges of conscience and heart. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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"This tween book is an excellent read for our young people who are searching for their own identity. There are some things in life that are most important, such as a person's relationship with God through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Wendy cleverly and tenderly weaves this eternal truth into her story to challenge the reader to draw closer to God no matter what's happening in his/her life."
Marsha Hubler

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