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Mountain Homecoming
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Release Date: March 2013
Print Length: 304
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4887-6
Series: 2

Mountain Homecoming

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In the second book in the Smoky Mountain Dreams series, acclaimed author Sandra Robbins spins a tender tale of God’s faithfulness throughout the generations.

Rani Martin, Simon and Anna’s only daughter, is a beautiful and spirited young woman living deep in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. She has plenty of ideas about the man she’ll marry someday, but none of them could have prepared her for the return of Matthew Jackson.

Matthew left Cades Cove as a child after his father’s death. Now he’s come back to build a new life for himself, and it’s his dearest wish that Rani be a part of that life. But the people of the Cove won’t let him forget the sins of his father, and Matthew can’t forget the darkness of his own past.

Is there a place for Matthew in the Cove? And can the light of Rani’s love overcome his pain?

Meet the author

Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins

Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small college town in Tennessee where she grew up. They count their four children and five grandchildren as the greatest blessings in their lives. Her published books include stories in historical romance and romantic suspense. When not writing or spending time with her family, Sandra enjoys reading,...

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A Word from the Author

“’How can God forgive me after all the things I’ve done?’ That question has plagued mankind for centuries. The answer lies in the faith that comes from the unmerited gift of grace that God so freely offers. In Mountain Homecoming, I wanted to share my heart in a tender story of one man, who overcomes his guilt-ridden past to become a new creature in Christ, and the woman who loves him.”
Sandra Robbins, author of Mountain Homecoming

Editorial Reviews

“The second book in the wonderful Smokey Mountain Dreams series is chock-full of romance and mystery as well as sweet, caring characters. Robbins brings the Smokey Mountains in the early 1900s to vivid life, portraying the logging industry and its central role in residents’ lives.”
—RT Book Reviews

“This is a lovely romance to spend an evening with.”

“The characters are well-developed and they steal their way into the hearts of readers.”

"I really liked Rani and her spunk...I also liked how the time flowed in this book and both Rani and Matt had to do some growing up. It made it more believable and interesting."

“I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone.”

"I liked the theme of forgiveness..."

“Sandra Robbins writes another beautiful story set in the gorgeous backdrop of Cades Cove…”

"I loved the heartwarming story..."

“Robbins writes both with history and suspense and adds her own flair to her book that was refreshing.”

“This book kept me captivated from the first page to the last. I took it with me everywhere until I finished.”

"I liked this one!"


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"After reading Angel of the Cove, I couldn't wait to read the next book. Sandra did not disappoint with Mountain Homecoming. I loved Rani's character— she is strong-willed and speaks her mind, traits that sometimes get her into trouble. Sandra makes me want to visit Cade's Cove with her descriptions and characters. Mountain Homecoming is a great book with a great ending."
Pat Trainum, author,

"Robbins pulls my own imagination into hers in the pages of this historical romance."
Sylvia Nash,

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