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Moonlight on the Millpond
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Release Date: March 2005
Print Length: 288
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3160-1
Series: 1

Moonlight on the Millpond

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This first book in the Tucker Mills Trilogy from beloved author Lori Wick follows Jace Randall as he leaves his childhood home to help his Uncle Woody Randall run the saw mill in Token Creek. Jace diligently focuses on work until he meets the visiting niece of local storekeepers. Jace pursues her until she finally agrees to attend a picnic with him and take a chance.

But before the relationship has a strong foundation, the couple separates because of gossip fueled by Jace’s sister. Later, when she admits her wrongdoing and shares her testimony of a new faith, the couple must decide whether to try again. Will the sister’s example of faith and transformation be enough to restore broken dreams?

Meet the author

Lori Wick

Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. As comfortable writing period stories as she is penning contemporary works, Lori’ s books (more than 6 million in print) vary widely in location and time period. Lori’ s faithful fans consistently put her series and standalone works on the bestseller lists. Lori and her husband,...

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Editorial Reviews

"It was purely enjoyable and a wonderful romance. Lori Wick writes with a passion touched by God. Her words evoke emotions from deep within as the reader becomes a part of the story, almost as if they were standing alongside Jace and Maddie, watching each part of the story unfold in front of them. This is a testimony of the amazing talent Wick has for writing."
Teens4Jesus Library

"Moonlight on the Millpond, set in 1838 Massachusetts, is a story of struggling with your faith, looking for answers, and trying to trust your heart. We watch as the characters each face struggles with their faith and life in general. Mrs. Wick has a way of telling an inspiring story within the context of a very sweet romance."
The Romance Reader's Connection

"This sweet romance will have its readers eagerly waiting for book two."

"Lori Wick is one of my very favorite authors ever! Whether she writes historical fiction or contemporary fiction, she will always touch your heart with her stories and beloved characters."
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