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Mommy’s Favorite Smell
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Release Date: October 2019
Page Count: 32
Size: 9 x 9
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7476-9
Case Lot Quantity: 36

Mommy’s Favorite Smell

What Smells Better Than Fresh-Cut Grass or Just-Baked Cookies?

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Heaven Scent
When Little Lion spends a day trying to guess Mommy Lion’s favorite smell, from fresh cinnamon rolls to rain-soaked grass, she is reminded of her mom’s deep love for her.
Your family will enjoy this heartwarming tale celebrating the bond between mother and child. Encounter scents, both good and bad, that evoke strong emotions and memories in adults and children alike. 
And when you discover Mommy’s Favorite Smell, you’ll be instantly transported to when you first held your little one, and experienced that sweet, precious aroma that could only be designed by God.       

Meet the authors

Brock Eastman

Brock Eastman is the author of The Imagination Station: Showdown with the Shepherd and The Quest for Truth series. Previously, he was a producer and podcast host for Adventures in Odyssey. Brock has extensive experience marketing kids and parenting products in the Christian industry. He lives in Colorado with his wife, four kids, two cats,...

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Elsie Eastman

Elsie Eastman is seven years old and loves to dream, dance, and draw. Baking with her mommy is one of her favorite hobbies. She also enjoys sitting in her daddy's office, inspiring him by creating new characters and artwork. This is her first book, and she hopes to illustrate her own book or one...

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David  Miles

David Miles

David Miles is an illustrator located in Kalamazoo, MI who specializes in book illustration, character design, concept art, advertising, and beyond.

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10/05/19 Meagan


This is a sweet and engaging story, even my 8 yr old liked it. As I read this book out loud we were all trying to guess what was mommy’s favorite smell. The pictures are colorful and there are lots of things to look at and play “can you find the….?” With. Thank you so much to the Author for taking every aspect into the story writing process. There were times that I was holding my nose even though there was no physical smells, they were there mentally. This is a book that is great to add to your own Library as well as for gifting to those with children 0-8 for sure but truly all ages because I enjoyed it.

09/26/19 Christine Rose


My five year old loved this book! He just might have guessed the answer because his Mommy has told him her favorite smell

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