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Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow
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Release Date: October 2019
Page Count: 240
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7512-4
Case Lot Quantity: 52

Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow

How to Trust the Bible When Truth and Tradition Collide

Truth, Legend, and the Stories You Thought You Knew
Tradition suggests Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and Jesus was born in a barn. But what does the Bible really say? Armed with her theology degree, archaeological experience, and sharp wit, Amanda Hope Haley clears up misconceptions of Bible stories and encourages you to dig into Scripture as it is written rather than accept versions altered by centuries of human interpretations.
Providing context with native languages, historical facts, literary genres, and relevant anecdotes, Haley demonstrates how Scripture—when read in its original context—is more than a collection of fairy tales or a massive rule book. It’s God’s revelation of Himself to us.
She teaches you to…

  • understand how the books of the Bible were written, transmitted, and translated
  • recognize the differences between genuine Scripture and popular doctrines
  • boldly seek God in His own words, ask questions of tradition, and find answers in the texts
  • grow in your understanding of God and appreciation of the Bible’s intimate and complex revelation of His nature

It’s time to abandon the gods of tradition, and meet God in His Word.

Meet the author

Amanda Hope  Haley

Amanda Hope Haley

Amanda Hope Haley is a lover of the Bible—its God, its words, and its history. She holds a master’s degree of theological studies in Hebrew Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard University, hosts The Red-Haired Archaeologist podcast, has ghostwritten for popular Christian authors, and contributed to The Voice Bible translation. Amanda and...

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“Amanda Haley will inspire you to look at the Scriptures with new lenses. Combining the best of academic research with her unique brand of humor, topped with a dash of pop culture, she hosts a wild ride through the geography, history, and culture of the Bible. This book will enlighten, inform, and entertain you. Most importantly, you will be equipped with the right tools, resources, and questions to engage biblical study. You will be motivated to look at the Scriptures again from a new perspective. And you might find yourself surprised by what’s in there…and even more surprised by what’s not.”
Heather Zempel, author of Community Is Messy and Big Change, Small Groups

“Amanda Haley has written an incredibly timely and important work. She bravely navigates the obstacles many of us encounter during faith deconstruction, all while keeping the heart of God the North Star. Blending common sense and scholarly integrity, Amanda has created a seminary-level hermeneutics course in one approachable, holistic, and relatable book.”
Dr. Ashley Davis, DMin, author and spiritual director

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