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Lori Wick Short Stories, Vol. 3

Release Date: May 2017
Print Length: 97
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6842-3
Series: 3

Lori Wick Short Stories, Vol. 3

An Intense Man, The Camping Trip


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Bestselling author Lori Wick’s novels have warmed the hearts of millions of fans! Now for the first time ever, Lori’s short stories are released to her ebook readers in this new Lori Wick Short Stories collection, with a personal note from Lori after each story.

Volume 3 shares two charming tales of unexpected love. In “An Intense Man,” when Nick Hamilton walks back into Kelly Donovan’s life, she gladly helps him understand his new-found faith in Christ. But will his singular focus on learning overwhelm her need for love, or will Nick realize that Kelly’s heart is in his hands? The endearing story “The Camping Trip” tells of how coach Adam Maxwell, while guiding a fatherless boy on his softball team, finds that he cannot overlook the boy’s shy, hardworking mother.

BONUS! Chapter One from Lori Wick’s moving full-length novel, Every Storm, is included.

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