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Lori Wick Short Stories, Vol. 4
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Release Date: July 2017
Print Length: 94
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6843-0
Series: 4

Lori Wick Short Stories, Vol. 4

The Rancher’s Lady

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Bestselling author Lori Wick’s novels have warmed the hearts of millions of fans! Now for the first time ever, Lori’s short stories are released to her ebook readers in this new Lori Wick Short Stories collection, with a personal note from Lori after each story.

Volume 4, “The Rancher’s Lady,” showcases Lori’s western romance flair. Shasta McGregor leaves Australia for a temporary wrangler position in California, giving her heart time to heal after being jilted by her fiance. Kyle Harrington, the ranch’s crusty owner, at first mistakes Shasta’s natural, graceful beauty for lack of skill. Although in time they soften toward one another, it takes a tragedy for them to wonder—could God have brought together this rancher and this lady?

BONUS! The Prologue and Chapter One from Every Little Thing About You, the first book in Lori Wick’s Yellow Rose Trilogy, is included.

Meet the author

Lori Wick

Lori Wick is a multifaceted author of Christian fiction. As comfortable writing period stories as she is penning contemporary works, Lori’ s books (more than 6 million in print) vary widely in location and time period. Lori’ s faithful fans consistently put her series and standalone works on the bestseller lists. Lori and her husband,...

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