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A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Deluxe Edition
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Release Date: September 2017
Page Count: 176
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Milano Softone
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7168-3
Case Lot Quantity: 48

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Deluxe Edition

Hunting for the Meaning of Life

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The Thrill of the HuntThe Thrill of Living for God

The adventure of a lifetime awaits when you join avid outdoorsman Steve Chapman on the hunt for more than just deer. As Steve retells some of his best hunting stories, you’ll gain valuable insights on relationships, success, and most important, spiritual growth.

With humor and honesty, Steve shares the ups and downs from his numerous treks into deer country. Relive some of your fondest hunting memories and draw closer to God as you read about

  • the wonder and anticipation of a teenage boy’s first hunt
  • a generous gesture that turns into a double portion of venison
  • the mixed emotions of a hunter tracking wounded game
  • a father and son who both get their first deer with a bow—on the same day
  • an unexpected encounter with a magnificent whitetail

This handsome edition of Steve’s bestselling book with a faux-leather binding and a built-in bookmark is the perfect choice for every hunting enthusiast.

Meet the author

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman and his wife, Annie, are award-winning musicians who take their message of Christ-centered family to fans all over North America. Steve’s enthusiasm for Jesus, family, hunting, and humor shine in his books, including A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (nearly 300,000 copies sold), The Hunter’s Cookbook (with Annie...

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Editorial Reviews

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand is the story of a life journey with God walked through a hunter’s woods. Written with artistry and sensitivity for life, it is a joy to read.”
Lowell Thill, Vice President, Christian Bowhunters of America

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand should be mandatory reading for every deer hunter in America. It’s that good!”
Charles J. Alsheimer, Field Editor, Deer and Hunting Magazine

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand will bring back fond memories for every reader who is a hunter, from the first deer to the last. More importantly, however, it puts in proper perspective our relationship with nature, our friends, our family and ultimately, with the One who created the magnificent white–tailed deer.”
Brad Hemdon, Hunting Editor, Whitetail Hunting Strategies

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand has a warm, honest, and humorous spirit that will keep you totally captivated until you turn the last page.”
Paul Meeks, President, API Outdoors, Inc.

“Steve Chapman has a love and passion for hunting…He has taken a subject that I haven't had much understanding or appreciation for and has made me more knowledgeable about why men like to hunt…This book is sure to make you laugh and look at hunting with a different perspective, especially if you are a female. This would be a great gift for the hunter in your life!”

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“Steve Chapman has once again hit the mark with the expanded version of this outdoor classic. He has always been able to relate to the hearts of men who love the outdoors with short inspiring messages from each chapter, and then combined with the study guide it will enable teachers to bring additional new insights and applications to those who use them in a Sunday School Class or small group. You can experience the anticipation of the hunt, the missed moments and the joy of success as you follow Steve down a trail that encourages and enlightens you.”
Mark Grayless, Union Christian Church, Terre Haute, Indiana

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