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Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.
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Release Date: October 2017
Page Count: 256
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Trade
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7088-4
Case Lot Quantity: 52

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

The Life You Want with the Money You Have

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Are You Tired of Coming Up Short?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of work, bills, and worry? Maybe you’re too nervous to take a hard look at your budget, or your past budgeting efforts have resulted in little success. Either way, when your bank account flatlines and frustration mounts, real progress seems impossible.

There is a better way to reach your goals! In Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. you will discover a simple-to-implement plan that will help you wisely use your money to break the cycle of financial mistakes and worry. Your confidence will grow as you learn how to

  • create a realistic easy-sync budget  
  • accomplish the most with the money you have rather than wish you had  
  • unshackle yourself form the burden of debt  
  • spend without regret on the things that matter most to you  
  • make small, intentional choices that lead to big change  

Financial freedom isn’t all about sacrifice. Use your money as a tool to reach your goals and finally experience joy and success as you Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

Meet the author

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson is the author of the Thrifty Little Mom blog and a popular money-saving expert. She has been featured on Time.com, Money.com, and GoodHousekeeping.com. Kim and her husband, Cressel, paid off $93,000 in debt in two years on one income. They live in Atlanta with a son and identical-twin baby girls.

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Editorial Reviews

“Well-organized, well-written and well-tried, the approach makes sense and appears to be manageable while yielding possibly life changing results. A good guide for anyone hoping to meet goals, strengthen their financial health, or climb out of debt.”

“While [Kim Anderson] does advocate that paying off all debt is the most important, she also shows you how to make a plan to get the things you want, to have the life you dream of.”


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10/05/17 E Harris


Enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read and easily understood. Great for anybody that wants to budget and do it well. This is a wonderful workbook to have with you each time you set down to pay your bills or ever before shopping.

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