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A Little Book of Comfort
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Release Date: February 2019
Page Count: 208
Size: 4 7/8 x 6 3/4
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7246-8
Case Lot Quantity: 36

A Little Book of Comfort

Healing Reflections for Those Who Hurt

Find comfort in Jesus’s words: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14:6
Life is filled with choices, uncertainties, and hardships. But there is good news! Jesus faced many of the same kinds of trials you do, and He will daily walk by your side to offer guidance, answers, and hope.
Spend a few minutes each day talking with your Savior, learning from His words, and finding inspiration from His life example. Each of these 90 short devotions will connect you with the heart of Jesus and includes a brief prayer or a question for personal reflection. 
Grow closer to Jesus and lean on His teaching for help in the midst of everyday concerns related to work, worries, finances, and more. Invest some time each day in a relationship with your Savior, and find your heart refreshed with wisdom—and comfort—for each moment.

Meet the authors

Boyd Bailey

Boyd Bailey

Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, an Atlanta-based ministry that encourages Christians to live out God’s unchanging truth in a changing world. The author of many devotional books and e-books, Boyd is also cofounder of Ministry Ventures, where he and his team have coached more than 1000 leaders in board development, administration,...

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Rita Bailey

Rita Bailey is the first follower of Wisdom Hunters and wife to Boyd. In the early days, she served as administrator, book mailer, donor appreciator and encourager. More recently, she has more time to spend traveling and serving with Boyd. She also enjoys time spent with their four adult daughters and families, which include 9 precious...

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“Boyd Bailey has filled a treasure chest with priceless devotionals in his new publication, A Little Book of Comfort. His lifetime of gleaning the Word of God for wisdom is presented in nuggets of comforting, yet thought provoking meditations to be prayed over, given away to others, or simply applied to living biblically. Thank you, Boyd, for a book that surprised, encouraged, and challenged me in fresh new ways.”
Ida Morris Bell

“We faced perplexing darkness and inexplicable tragedy when God called two of our teenage children home, one year apart. Our minds became numb, and we were gasping for air. For months, prayers from family and friends kept us from isolating from the world. We are now blessed with Boyd’s devotionals in A Little Book of Comfort. They provide clarity and focus on how to navigate from being victims to becoming disciples. When this book comes out, I will buy a case of them.”
Jack and Gerri McEntee, Retired business owners

“Boyd Bailey has a real and practical grasp of Scripture. He helps us see God’s presence in life’s challenges and joys. I always feel like Boyd is sitting with me and sharing his heart of joy and comfort. That is how he continually encourages us to see more of Christ in every situation. Boyd’s words are a gift to the heart!”
Betsy Chapman, Delta Flight Attendant 

“A daily ‘shot in the arm’ of our gracious heavenly Father's unchanging truth, encouragement, and comfort to combat the lies, discouragement, and despair instigated and fueled by the world, the flesh, and the devil.
“Read this nugget this morning... ‘Wise servants understand that the purpose of serving God is not just accomplishing His work, but representing Him in the work.’”
Alison Ibsen, Horse whisperer

“Most days, in the early morning darkness, I begin my day with a strong cup of coffee and the Wisdom Hunter's devotions I receive by email from Boyd. A Little Book of Comfort is now part of that daily routine. The messages of hope, mercy, love, comfort, humility, praise, and joy, to name just a few, prepare my heart and mind for the day ahead. The Holy Spirit continually uses Boyd to hit the nail right on the head for what my heart needs to hear that day.”
Christa Hurley, Business owner

“The words of this book have been so powerful in our journey of raising our children and dealing with difficult times. Our sin nature is to be fearful, but by clinging to these truths we are reminded that our lives are led by faith not fear.”
Julie and Jed Renfroe, Business owners

“Boyd’s daily devotionals have been inspiring and encouraging us for almost two decades. Working together at Crown allowed us to not only observe Boyd’s character in action, it also provided the opportunity to develop a meaningful and lasting friendship. As Amy and I read this book together, our hearts were renewed, our spirits encouraged, and our souls refreshed. Boyd teaches us how to grow strong during adversity by leading us to God’s words, where we find encouragement during times of despair and hope where there is darkness. This book is truly a gift that will renew your spirit.”
Stan and Amy Reiff, Partner Professional Practice Leader—Consulting

“If ever we needed comfort and peace in the valleys of life, it is Now! Boyd Bailey uses his amazing gift of scriptural discernment to lift us with the rich, truthful wisdom of God’s Word. This marvelous Little book will encourage you daily with God’s big, loving care!”
Deborah Ochs, Witchita, Kansas

“This ‘little’ book not only provides comfort, it shares the truth of God’s Word and the reality of His love in the daily living of our lives. I pray we comfort our hearts with these truths. Thank you, Boyd, for these generous gifts of comfort!”
Kelly Shepherd, National Christian Foundation

“Running from pain, injustice, violence, and all of life’s hard things is a reflex for many of us. The next step we take is to try and fix it ourselves. This book encourages us to fully enjoy life but also to face reality, find safety in God, and begin to trust God and others around us with the hard stuff. Boyd reminds us through stories, inspiration, and scriptures to know and see how God’s love is so much bigger than any hurt and any work we can do on our own. He encourages us to take a first step (or 321 steps) toward God’s love and showing that love to others in this Little Book of Comfort.”
Alanna Linden, SVP of network relations for National Christian Foundation

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