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Light of Dawn
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Release Date: July 2017
Page Count: 352
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6657-3
Case Lot Quantity: 40
Collection/Series Name: The Remnant
Series: 3

Light of Dawn

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Before Dawn, What Dangers Lurk in the Darkness?

For nine months, since a devastating solar flare caused a complete failure of the electrical grid, Shelby Sparks and her diabetic son, Carter, have been living at the ranch of Shelby’s high school sweetheart, Max Berkman.

Mostly insulated from the chaos surrounding them, Shelby and Max discover that the Texas government has fled the capitol and is barely maintaining control of the state. The governor needs volunteers to search for the new federal government, but no one knows exactly where it might be located—if it even still exists—or what perils await those brave enough to take on the mission.

Compelled by Carter’s desperate need for insulin and their God-given sense of duty, Shelby and Max answer the governor’s call and set out on a treacherous 600-mile journey, where they will experience the terrifying effects of unrestrained anarchy. If they have the faith and fortitude necessary to reach their destination, what will they find when they get there?

In this thrilling conclusion to the Remnant trilogy, America is left teetering between total collapse and the dawn of a new and vastly different reality.

Meet the author

Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. She has published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, receiving more than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather’s birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Her novel Falling to Pieces was...

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A Word from the Author

"Writing Light of Dawn I knew what my task was - to provide a hopeful outlook in a world that had gone dark, to show that God is with us even through the worst of times, to convince readers that friendship and compassion and even love are possible when all else fails. To show, above all else, that God's grace is sufficient in any situation we might face. My prayer is that Light of Dawn does all of that, and more."
Vannetta Chapman, author of Light of Dawn


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11/08/18 Melissa H.


Light of Dawn is the last story in The Remnant trilogy. Adventure and turmoil continue as the characters fight for survival. Each page is filled with excitement and suspense. This story made me wonder about this world and what would we do if this situation happened. I cheered for the characters, worried for them and cried for them.

A thrilling read.

11/08/18 Patti B.


For a book that will keep you turning page after page and never putting it down until you finish, I suggest you read Vannetta Chapman’s last book in The Remnant series, Light of Dawn. I highly suggest reading the first two books Deep Shadows and Raging Storm. They are just as thrilling as, Light of Dawn!

11/08/18 Karla H.


It is no secret that Vannetta is one of my all time favorite authors!! Not one of her books has ever disappointed me! This newest book in her The Remnant trilogy, the third and last, is simply marvelous! Never would I have guessed that I would be reading Dystopian Fiction and loving every moment! I resisted reading this genre for a very long time, however, when a well known popular author (who I just happen to highly respect and love), begins a new series, of course, I just had to try it out! All I can say is, “WOW!”

These three books are so realistic and tackle so many believable problems that could easily occur in our lifetime, that I have to admit, they left me deep in thought and yes, even caused some worry and fear. What would I even do if the electrical grid failed? How would I cope?

The characters are so vividly and realistically described, that I immediately was able to identify with them. I walked their treacherous journey of life, alongside them, feeling every fear, amazement and challenge that they encountered. The underlying theme exhibited how much the little things in life are and become so important. I certainly found myself thankful for the world as it exists in the present. This book could be read as a stand alone, however, I found that it meant much more to me, as I was revisiting my good friends in their troubled world from which I had escaped for a short while.

The plot is packed full of unexpected twists and turns. Never could I presume to know what would happen next in these dear peoples’ struggle to survive. The edge of my chair became my reading position, as my heart pounded in fear and anticipation. This third book leaves the reader feeling satisfied and loose ends are tied up. Hope for a brighter future does exist, even in the darkest situations.

I may have completed reading this novel, but the events live on in my innermost being. Should I be preparing for a similar future, stockpiling what I consider the everyday necessities of life? Or, maybe, I need to prepare my heart for the challenge of carrying on, despite tragedies. Would I have the deep faith that is required to carry on? I just know that the story made me think very deeply!


11/08/18 Liz V.


My expectations for this final volume of the Remnant series were high—but once again Vannetta Chapman has exceeded them. The Light of Dawn is satisfying on both emotional and practical levels as a tight band of friends seeks security and direction in a world spinning out of control after a solar flare.

“We are going to weather this. Together, we will find a way.” So opens the excerpts from Shelby Sparks’ journal, and Georgia’s wise words to her are a prophecy fulfilled within the pages of this gripping book. Though they face incredible obstacles (I don’t want to give away too much here), their love for each other and their faith in an unchanging God give them the strength to persevere. Max and Shelby’s life-long relationship is refined in the fires of this world-wide calamity. And her concern for her diabetic son, Carter, also undergoes a dramatic shift as he matures from boy to man. He has his own crisis of faith which he shares with Max, who wisely mentors him: “When you’re completely lost, when you have no idea what comes next or why things are happening, faith is what gets you through….you keep doing the things you know in your heart are the right things. That’s faith, Carter. It’s not the absence of questions. It’s continuing day in and day out, in spite of those questions.” Like so many passages in this book, that counsel spoke to my heart (even with an intact electrical grid!).

This book had my heart racing, my eyes tearing up, my hands reaching to pick it up again for “one more chapter” long after I should have gone to bed. Dystopian fiction is not my usual genre, but this series stretched my understanding of what is physically possible/probable, and how I’d like to prepare in reaction to it. Far beyond prepping supplies, I want faithful priorities to motivate my choices in every situation. This series made me examine my view of the world and my place in it—and there’s no higher use of fiction, in my mind.

Five stars, only because I couldn’t find six!

02/06/18 Kara G.


Tension, Friendship, Hope. That’s what Light of Dawn provides in this epic conclusion of the brilliant series from Chapman. Loved how the start of the story begins with Shelby’s journal entries while capturing exactly how the circumstances feel. There are two things I really wanted to see happen in this book and they both happened! I’ve decided that the only way to travel in a dystopian setting is to have a military man named Gabe go with you, safest way to be and his loyalty to the group was an enhancement to the story.

One of my favorite parts in the story is when the group decides to do a favor for complete strangers and it turns out these people have valuable information that ends up helping the group in return, I gave a fist pump and said, “Yes!” when reading that part smile

Danger lurks in every chapter but there is not as much violence in this book as the previous ones, enjoyed that also.

Gus and Hauk were my fave characters along with Gabe, Carter and Lanh. Will have to read this exciting trilogy once more smile

07/07/17 Maureen T.


This book is so real and in a way a scary reality, a solar flare, a nuclear bomb, lawlessness, and complete disregard for mankind. The author has us thinking about how we would survive, what we all take for granted, all gone, no more picking up you phone and calling or looking for information, nothing works, and if it did there is nothing to hook up to.

We are back with friends, some we met in the first book, and yes you want to read them all (they are tremendous), and others we met in the second, and now we are together in the third, the conclusion to this mind thinking series. I wish there was another book to come, I hate to say goodbye, and want to keep up on their lives, and those I have come to love.

This is a book that is going to make you think and you will be quickly page turning and then feeling remorse when the last page is turned.

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