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Letter to a Grieving Heart
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Release Date: July 2001
Page Count: 64
Size: 7.0000 x 7.0000
Binding: HC-Trade Cloth
ISBN: 978-0-7369-0732-3
Case Lot Quantity: 56

Letter to a Grieving Heart

Comfort and Hope for Those Who Hurt

With honesty, compassion, and perspective, Billy Sprague reaches out as only one who has suffered deep loss can. Facing the death of a fiancé, a beloved grandmother, and a favorite college professor, Sprague pulls from the depths of his soul to share insights and encouragement with those living through grief and heartache. Illustrated with restful, hope–filled photographs of nature, Letter to a Grieving Heart will comfort the broken and assure them that someday they, too, will feel the sun again.

Meet the author

Billy Sprague

Billy Sprague is an award-winning songwriter, recording artist, and the author of Letter to a Grieving Heart. He holds a B.A. in English from Texas Christian University. Billy, his wife, Kellie, and their family live in Florida, where he serves as the Worship Pastor at Edgewater Alliance Church.

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Editorial Reviews


""This sensitive and touching book about grief is written from the author's personal experience. He acknowledges that no easy answers or magical formulas exist for healing. He affirms his belief in the promises of heaven and eternity but asks, 'But what until heaven? How do you drag a heavy, frozen heart around every day and night? It's exhausting.'

He counsels readers in what not to say if they are trying to be a friend and comforter. Listening, walking in the woods or park with the person whose heart is broken, doing the dishes, and even answering the phone are things that prove helpful. Just being with the person is so very important.

This beautifully presented letter of understanding is written in the hope that healing is possible and that memories are not anchors to be dragged along but can become treasures to be carried in the heart.""
Christian Woman


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Letter to a Grieving Heart was well–written, very personal, and applicable to a number of life situations.  Billy was able to capture the essence of a grieving heart with empathy and subtle advice.”

12/21/14 Tara Flory

“A good friend gave me this book two days before I was to be married on Feb. 1, 2003. My fiancé was taken with Jesus Jan. 5th, 2003 after a four–wheeling accident. It has been so hard for me to put into words MY heart. After reading this book, I was overwhelmed with the author’s ability to sculpt words which reached my innermost feelings I didn’t even know were there.  I have decided to give copies of this book to my dear friends because Billy describes the process I’m going through so eloquently and intimately. I believe this will give them a glimpse of the process I’m going through as they so loyally have supported me.”

“Billy’s tender letter brought tears to my eyes and a sweet reminder of God’s grace to my heart.  He reminded me again of how important it is to find a way back, not just a way through.” 

“I believe that Letter to a Grieving Heart would be a great help to anyone grieving over the loss of a loved one, and I am planning to place it in our library for use by those in need of it.  This book is scripturally sound… and should be very comforting to any Christian.”

12/21/14 Carol Andris

“Mr. Sprague’s words have helped me through the worst year of my life. I lost my husband on November 15, 2007. I found this book a couple of months after. It took me a while to read the whole book, it truly lifted me up when no one else could. I am on this site today to buy a few more copies to give to friends who are on the verge of losing s loved one. I keep the book on a table next to my easy chair, I pick it up often and reread a passage or two when I am feeling low. Thank you Mr. Sprague.”

“Our Most Loving Heavenly Father has used Billy Sprague to help us see through the fog of this life to a clear understanding of God’s love and delight for His children. Reading this book gave me my first glimpse of hope after my 16 year old daughter was killed in a car wreck. I could never thank Billy enough.”

“The contents of Letter to a Grieving Heart are both truthful and comforting.  The peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit seem to permeate each page.  Hopefully, many grieving hearts will experience the healing touch of the Master through these words of encouragement and stunning pictures of God’s creation.”

12/21/14 Susan Keiffer

“This book is wonderful!  I lost myself in the exquisite photos of God’s creation and Billy’s gentle and comforting words…  this book brought tears to my eyes and wonderful memories to my heart.”

“When we received Letter to a Grieving Heart we opened it with great expectation.  Not only are we familiar with Billy’s passionate writing style, but we recently lost our 2–year–old granddaughter, Allie Nicole, in a sudden and untimely death.  When Allie died we found so little understanding of the grief process, even from those in the Body of Christ.  We found very little written about grief from the point of the survivors. We found ourselves relating to Billy’s book and weeping tears of release.  The process of grief is very lonely and, at times, one can feel so isolated.  Letter to a Grieving Heart made us feel like we were connecting with an understanding and wise friend.  This book is nurturing, inspirational, and gives hope for the future.  We are so blessed to have it in our library and recommend it to anyone going through the grieving process.  Thanks, Billy, for taking the time and courage to share this intimate book with us.”

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