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Just to See You Smile
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Release Date: July 2008
Print Length: 368
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3878-5
Series: 3

Just to See You Smile

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Popular fiction author Sally John’s first series The Other Way Home (more than 65,000 copies sold) comes to life with a fresh, new cover for a new audience of readers.

In Just to See You Smile, the third book in series, teacher and coach Britte Olafsson finds herself drawn to the new principal who’s an ex–Marine. His discipline toward life and in teaching matches her own, and when coaching dilemmas erupt, he strongly moves to support her. Despite past hurts and disappointments, Britte tentatively begins to open her heart to him.

Coach Anne Sutton and Alec, her husband of 17 years, lose sight of their love. Alec tries to find a way to win back the love and faith of Anne.

Just to See You Smile is a tender story about faithfulness, hope, the unconditional love of Jesus, and the true meaning and beauty of semper fidelis (always faithful).

Meet the author

Sally John

Sally John

Sally John is the bestselling author of 18 novels, including the popular series The Other Way Home, The Beach House, and In a Heartbeat. A three-time finalist for the Christy Award and former teacher, Sally lives in Southern California with her husband Tim. Writing fiction takes a backseat only to her cherished roles of wife, mom,...

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A Word from the Author

"Though years and marital status separate them, Britte and Anne are close friends and coworkers, both living out the dreams they've had since childhood. The trouble is those dreams include the cooperation of other people. When a disgruntled husband and a new boss enter the scene, the going gets rough. The bumps along their paths reveal they've taken their eyes off Jesus. As they share His unconditional love, their dreams take on new characteristics they could not have imagined."
—Sally John, Author of Just to See You Smile

Editorial Reviews

“Sally John is a wonderful author who is easy to read and her characters are not only believable, but will warm your heart. I recommend that you purchase all four (books) at the same time so you can read straight through the entire series. It will be time well spent. You will not only be entertained, but will learn so much about the love of God and the grace we need to bestow on each other.”

“Sally John has once again created characters that I want for my best friends. Sally John skillfully weaves together the threads of two stories. Ms. John is a master at her art. The characters come to life on the pages. From the first page, this story held me captive. I did not put it down until I had read every word. Sally John is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.”
Debra Gaynor for

"These books are truly inspiring and I felt drawn closer to God myself after reading them. All of the books in Sally John's 'The Other Way Home' series are filled with the wonderful story of God's love for us and also let us know no matter how bad things may seem, life is full of second chances and many surprises as we walk along the paths of our life's journey. When we have faith in God's wisdom and trust Him to direct our paths, there is no limit to what can be achieved in our lives."
Christian Library Journal

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