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Joshua’s Mission
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Release Date: February 2016
Page Count: 352
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5605-5
Case Lot Quantity: 40
Collection/Series Name: Plain and Simple Miracles
Series: 2

Joshua’s Mission

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Joshua’s Mission is a new standalone novel in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection from popular author Vannetta Chapman. These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.

Joshua Kline travels from his farm in Oklahoma to offer aid to an Englisch town on the gulf coast of Texas after a category 4 hurricane has ravaged the area. He brings his brother with him, who needs a change of environment. The last thing he wants for Alton is another brush with the law. He is pleasantly surprised when he hears that Becca Troyer, the bishop’s granddaughter, plans on joining their team.

What will Joshua find when he arrives in Texas? A lack of electricity, certainly, which poses little problem for the Amish volunteers as they help restore order from destruction. But a budding romance? A call from God? And a possible healing of his relationship with Alton?

Joshua’s Mission is a story of love, forgiveness, and the grace of God that carries us through even the worst situations.

Meet the author

Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. She has published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, receiving more than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather’s birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Her novel Falling to Pieces was...

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A Word from the Author

"Joshua's Mission focuses on how we, as the church, minister to those whose lives have been torn apart by tragedy. My husband and I are Emergency Response Team certified. We've seen firsthand how grateful people are when help arrives after a flood. My husband has had the pleasure of working with Mennonite Disaster Services, an organization that ministers here in the U.S. and abroad. Their goal is to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who are hurting. Joshua's Mission carries the reader through the devastation of a Category 4 hurricane and the miracle of rebuilding.

"I hope you are blessed and encouraged by book 2 in my Plain and Simple Miracles collection."
Vannetta Chapman, author of Joshua's Mission

Editorial Reviews

"This series continues to offer hope in seemingly impossible situations."
RT Book Reviews

"Joshua's Mission is beyond delightfully written. It's an engaging story that will have you enthralled from page one."

"A story worth every ounce to read, enjoy, consider and feel deep down in your soul."

"Fresh, funny, and by far the most 'Englisch' of Vannetta Chapman's stories, to my mind, Joshua's Mission ranks as one of her very best and most enjoyable books to date."

"I haven't read the first in the series, yet I didn't feel lost while reading Joshua's Mission. The story is different from most Amish stories, in that it focuses on both the Englishe (non-Amish) and the Amish in about equal measure."

"This has some laughs and some tears. Get ready for a great ride."

"... I really enjoy a novel where lives are changed and the characters become more aware of God's love and grace. I've read several of Vannetta Chapman's books, but this one is my favorite by far."

"There are lots of 'Amish' novels out on the market and they all seem to get a bit formulaic in the way they are presented. So it is with joy to find one that has a good twist of the story to make it fresh and enjoyable....I hope you enjoy it as much as I did"

"...[T]his stand-alone book is sure to offer you a read that will encourage you in your own life, Amish or not."

"Joshua's Mission is more than just a story, but it is a book of spiritual teaching. There are lessons on judging, forgiving, bearing one another's burdens, and prayer. I love when I read a book and find something to feed my soul as well as entertain my heart. This book does both quite well."

"...I had a hard time putting the book down it was enjoyable with some serious parts as well as some fun parts."

"I absolutely loved Joshua's Mission and hated to close the pages of this book. I'm looking forward to Ms. Chapman's next book."

"Ms. Chapman pens a vivid picture in riveting detail of the hurricane that hits the island and the devastation and destruction it brings. She creates her characters and brings them together in a beautiful way, then gives them such endearing, human qualities you can truly share in both their pain and joy."

"I give Joshua's Mission 4 out of 5 stars."

"I really enjoyed this book, and hope that there are more in this series."

"This series gets better with each book!! I thought it was gonna be slow...especially because it seemed to start a little slow but all of a sudden the book was over...and to quickly if you ask me! I loved the change of pace with the Amish youth going to help in a disaster area."

"All in all an enjoyable read..."

"I was blessed by this read."


21 REVIEWS Leave a Comment »

04/22/16 Elizabeth C.

I enjoyed the story. By reading about this book, I also gain a little more insight into the Amish life and variations within that community.

I would recommend this book for someone looking for a light read.

04/22/16 Janice S.

Several from an Amish community go to Texas on a Mission to help out where they are rebuilding from a hurricane. I really enjoyed all the characters in the book. This book left me with a special feeling. A really great book.

04/22/16 Cheryl B.


I love the characters in this story. They each have their own personal struggle in their lives to deal with. What a different and unique story line for this book. There is so much love, compassion, faith, hope, growth and understanding in this story. Be sure to order your copy today. Remember that it makes a great gift. Five stars!

04/22/16 Debbie G.


This is truly a wonderful story on so many levels! The author did a wonderful job of making the reader truly care about each of the characters in the story. She also did an awesome job of showing love, faith, forgiveness and most of all…God’s grace. Not only did the characters learn some life lessons but I also learned some too.

I know for myself personally this will be a book I will enjoy reading again! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

04/22/16 Dawn C.


Another great book by Vannetta Chapman. She has a wonderful way of writing.

04/22/16 Melissa L.


Joshua’s Mission is a standalone in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection by Vannetta Chapman. It really shows how the Amish peace and faith can carry one through even the most trying times.

With the faith of all of the characters woven throughout this story, I came to love how each of them drew together. They learned to lean on each other despite the circumstances. I really could not put the book down in that I wanted to see how the island would rebuild not only their homes but their lives. I would definitely recommend this book.

04/22/16 Patsy H.


Loved the way people from different religions came together to help and serve after a disaster.

04/22/16 Sherry G.


The author mingles Amish, Englisch, and Mennonites in this book, making for an interesting read once they all come together. Even though all have their own ways of life, they learn to mesh them as they come together on a mission trip to help rebuild homes after a devastating hurricane hits south Texas.

I felt this is a good book that I would recommend to others.

04/22/16 Patricia S.


I really enjoyed this book, I love how all the characters come together.

04/22/16 Karen K.


I have read several novels penned by Vannetta Chapman and have truly enjoyed them all. I love her writing, her settings, and the simplicity of her characters. Joshua’s Mission was an amazing read.

04/22/16 Tina W.


I highly recommend Joshua’s Mission by Vannetta Chapman to be read by all readers. Joshua’s Mission truly does make you rethink your own personal life-in where it’s going- and it reminds you to be grateful for what and whom you have in your life.

I liked that Vannetta Chapman selected two different events to happen for a detailed story-line featuring Amish and Englisch characters. I liked that she took the time to research the story-line information before putting it into a fictional setting. I found nothing negative to say, other than the story ending, which I know has to happen eventually. I look to read more books by Vannetta Chapman in the future.

I can see this book being a Hallmark Movie and it would be highly liked.

04/22/16 Rosalie D.


A real page turner. Very impressed by Mrs. Chapman’s style of writing.

04/22/16 Anne G.


Great book! Vannetta Chapman has done it again!

04/22/16 Julie Z.


Just finished today - I could not put it down and was sorry to see it end! Vannetta Chapman skillfully draws you in to both Becca and Josh’s families. The way that each character’s life was intertwined really helps the reader identify. As someone who lives in Florida and knows the damage a hurricane can cause, it was another way I identified with the characters as they dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Orion. I will be recommending this to other reader friends.

04/22/16 Sheila P.


This was a great read. Would recommend to my friends.

04/22/16 Sandra H.


Vannetta Chapman delivered with Joshua’s Mission.

04/22/16 Rebekah B.


Wonderful story! Believable and interesting. I especially liked that it was in such a different setting than most Amish stories. The disaster relief aspect as well as the added wisdom of Charlie, really made the book wonderful. The lessons and truths were inspiring and encouraging, though the book was also real and entertaining. Not frivolous but also not depressing or negative. A perfect balance!

03/16/16 Sandra R.

This is a great story! A destructive hurricane off the coast of Texas. A man who was willing to risk his own life to rescue those trapped in the storm’s wake. At the same time in Oklahoma, Amish young people decide to make a mission trip to the devastated area.. Lives are changed in the midst of serving others, both with the Amish and their English counterparts. An uplifting story!  Let go and let God was a reoccurring theme.

02/18/16 Elizabeth


Wow, what a novel Vannetta Chapman has weaved us. This is not her normal Amish story. She gives us several twist in Joshua’s Mission. Chapman had me hooked right from the start and did not let go till the end. I caught myself with tears in my eyes and holding my breath several times. This is one of those nerve wrecking, love, and forgiveness stories that when you start you do not want to put it down till the end. Just when I thought I had read the best by Chapman, she comes up with another one that totally blows you away.

The story is so well written and you can tell Vannetta Chapman has put in a great amount of research in writing Joshua’s Mission. I highly recommend this great novel by Chapman ,she did not disappoint me.

02/18/16 Vickie


In Joshua’s Mission, Vannetta Chapman begins with a nail biting tale of a hurricane hitting a island just off the Texas coast. I felt as though I was right there in the action as she described the devastating hit, the aftermath, and the unimaginable cleanup. If that wasn’t enough to capture my attention she also threw in to the mix a romance, God, family, and forgiveness. All that kept me turning the pages and never wanting to stop reading.

My favorite characters were Charlie, Joshua, Becca, Alton, and the sweet dog Quitz. Each character so fully enriched the story that I couldn’t leave out one of them. Gosh I worried a lot about that dog.

Just as I thought that maybe the book was coming to a close I was surprised again with more suspense and drama. A Wonderful Wonderful Book!

02/17/16 Nancee M.


The depth of characterization in this novel is impressive! The strength of the human spirit is brought to life with wisdom and insight. Compassion and humility build relationships to the discovery of forgiveness, faith and acceptance of God’s grace. A very strong reality discovery reveals the strength of the human spirit, and God’s presence through the worst of times and the best of times.

I highly recommend Joshua’s Mission. In my estimation this novel is one of Ms. Chapman’s very best! It is an impressive and compassionate revelation of the human spirit and the bonding of different cultures who walk different paths but blend through adversity. Although part of a series this book stands on its own merits!

Write A Review

"Is it too audacious for a mere reader, even one who has read nearly every Vannetta Chapman release, to declare Joshua's Mission her 'best ever?' It is wunderbaar gut, for sure and certain."
Alan Daugherty, weekly columnist in The News-Banner

"Joshua's Mission is hands down a must read book! Vannetta Chapman is a masterful storyteller who has developed such genuine characters I immediately became emotionally attached to them."
Patti Gallagher

"Joshua's Mission is a story that captivates the reader with the first page. Life can be totally changed by a weather event and yet can bring people from different areas together for good. I learned a lot about the destruction that hurricanes can bring and also, was reminded that God has a plan for each of us. This is an excellent story."
Melissa Henderson

"Joshua's Mission is an excellent read you won't want to miss."
Anne Rightler

"Cracking the spine of a new Vannetta Chapman book is always a pleasure and an adventure. Joshua's Mission was no exception. I grew up in a North Carolina coastal city and we had some devastating hurricanes. Until you've experienced the massive destruction these huge and ferocious storms vent, you cannot truly comprehend them. Chapman has written a revealing and realistic description of a hurricane impacting a beach community and the people who live there.

"This is a highly recommended book that you can offer early teens through grandma to read and feel comfortable about sharing with them. And I think you'll love Charlie's dog, Quitz."
Vera Godley

"I absolutely could not put this book down... This is a wonderful story of love, faith, hope and service."
Debbie Johnson

"I have to be honest - I have enjoyed ALL of Chapman's books. She has a gentle style that's just plain likeable. And this book was no exception."
Liz Vander Lee

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