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Jesus Every Day
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Release Date: December 2017
Page Count: 384
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound Layflat (flaps)
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7101-0
Case Lot Quantity: 32

Jesus Every Day

A Journey Through the Bible in One Year

Share Your Heart with the One Who Keeps It

Trying to juggle all your worries and burdens alone? As the challenges of everyday life threaten to continually distract you, your conversations with God can start to feel threadbare—too rushed to touch on the real issues that crowd your heart.

Rediscover your compassionate Savior with this collection of daily heart-provoking prayers and accompanying Scriptures from author and speaker Mary DeMuth. Each reading will awaken your tired soul, prompt new ways to encounter Jesus, and inaugurate the kind of authentic conversation you’ve always yearned to have with Him.

Allow these daily prayers to release your hopes, worries, desires, and uncertainties to your Savior and find needed restoration and peace in His relentless grace. As you approach Jesus with a humble and honest spirit, you will discover how His mercy can absolutely change your life—today and every day.

Meet the author

Mary E. DeMuth

Mary E. DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is a writer and speaker who loves to help people live re-storied lives. Author of more than 40 Christian living books. Mary speaks around the country and the world and is the host of the popular daily podcast Pray Every Day, where she prays for you every day of the year. She is the...

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Editorial Reviews

“[Jesus Every Day] will be a blessing to every owner.”
—CBA Christian MARKET

“Mary DeMuth shares wisdom and truth in a deeply personal, helpful way as she records her personal prayers that correspond with a passage of Scripture… I couldn’t be more grateful for her humble, truthful writing.”


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"What a lovely way to begin each day, opening God's Word and opening our hearts in prayer! Mary DeMuth goes first, drawing from a deep well of honest self-disclosure and hard-earned wisdom as she puts into words the soul longings we all share. The verses are perfectly chosen, unfolding God's love story from Genesis to Revelation, and the single-word titles capture the essence of each passage. A truly original and beautiful devotional."
Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart

"So many of us feel clumsy and unsure when we approach God in prayer, but in Jesus Every Day, Mary takes our hand and serves as a loving guide. These prayers not only illumine Scripture in fresh and powerful ways, but they will undoubtedly transform the prayer life of every reader. This book is a treasure!"
Sharon Hodde Miller, author of Free of Me

"In Jesus Every Day Mary DeMuth is a tender and compassionate guide who steps me through the Bible and leads me to God's heart. I feel as if Mary is by my side, helping me to open up an authentic conversation with God. Her words are a beautiful start, helping me to continue the conversation with my Savior. I cannot wait to share this book with friends, especially the young moms I mentor who often ask, 'How do I pray? What do I pray?' What a beautiful book! It's one to give to others and to treasure for yourself!"
Tricia Goyer, author of 70 books, including Walk It Out

"This book is an incredible tool written by an incredible author that could help you begin a journey in your life that will transform your life and walk with God. I wholeheartedly with much enthusiasm encourage you: Use this book and watch your walk with God flourish!"
Bob Roberts, senior pastor Northwood Church, Keller, Texas, and author of <em">Lessons from the East</em">

"It's hard to put prayer into words at times. It's hard to see how our small, insignificant stories could ever be part of the glorious story God's writing on eternity. In Jesus Every Day, Mary DeMuth shows us how to make ourselves available to Him, wrapping prayers around key moments in the Bible. What a lovely companion to a surrendered life."
Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

"Jesus Every Day is a powerful book of beautiful prayers to Jesus based on His Word. Mary's life journey fuels these prayers with an exquisite honesty, vulnerability, and hope. The prayers in this marvelous book remind us that whether we are struggling in the valley or partying on the mountaintops, the Jesus celebration is ongoing and we are His honored guests."
Boz Tchividjian, executive director of GRACE and law professor, Liberty University School of Law

"I knew when I prayed the very first prayer in this book that I was holding something incredibly special. I found myself in the presence of God with a lump in my throat, and I experienced something completely new: The deep things in my heart were beautifully written on the page in front of me. If you are serious about going deeper with God, Jesus Every Day is for you."
Cheryl Weber, cohost and senior executive producer of 100 Huntley Street

"Talk about fresh, deep, and authentic! I found myself a bit breathless as I read through Mary DeMuth's Jesus Every Day, eager to pray through the Bible with her. The life-changing petitions probe real stuff and offer real grace."
Paula Moldenhauer, author of the Soul Scents devotional series

"This devotional is a gem! The powerful scriptures and poignant prayers meld seamlessly, giving voice to our deepest longings and offering rich and intimate times with our Lord. You won't want to miss the boundless blessings of this exceptional book!"
Judy Gordon Morrow, author of The Listening Heart

"Imagine this: Three-hundred-and-sixty-six beautifully written prayers. Now imagine that these prayers are based on selected scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. That's what Mary DeMuth does in Jesus Every Day. That's the gift she has given us. It is literally a guide for praying through the Bible. Thank you, Mary, for connecting two such powerful elements—daily prayer and God's Word."
Will Davis Jr. author of Pray Big!

"Mary has a unique way of unlocking each verse, opening her heart vulnerably, and leading you, the reader, to that 'ah ha' moment when your heart opens and you begin to worship and say 'Yes, yes, yes' along with her. Each prayer is deeply personal to Mary, yet is such a mirror image of our own struggles that we can pray with her, finding real help for entering God's presence."
Aldyth Thompson, director of Beauty for Ashes, South Africa

"As a real-life friend, I have personally been the recipient of Mary DeMuth's faithful prayer life. So to see her prayers touch paper and go out into the world for we, the readers, to pray as well is truly a gift. Out of all the books Mary has written, this is her most important. May the prayers of this beautiful servant inspire and ignite the prayer lives of us all as we experience Jesus Every Day."
Lisa Whittle, speaker, Bible teacher, author of Put Your Warrior Boots On and 5-Word Prayers

"Mary DeMuth writes in a very authentic way, making you feel as if she's sitting across from you in a coffee shop. Jesus Every Day isn't your typical daily devotional, Mary doesn't use Sunday school answers; she gets real, taking you straight to authenticity with Jesus. Just what I needed."
Becky Shaffer executive director of Saving Grace, NW Arkansas

"None of us knows what the next year holds for our health, finances, or family. That's why we need Jesus Every Day. Written for your heart from a fellow traveler and prayer warrior, these 365 prayers offer just the right mix of the practical and the eternal."
Allen Arnold, author of The Story of With

"In Jesus Every Day, Mary helps us pray honest and bold prayers. This journey she takes us on through the Bible will give you the words to take your prayer life to the next level. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and make these prayers a part of your daily life!"
Aaron Graham, lead pastor, The District Church, Washington, DC

"This is not just another book about prayer. This book is about intimacy. Mary is inviting us to follow in a path she has walked before."
David Pothier, lead pastor, La Chapelle, Montreal

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