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It’s Great Being a Dad
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Release Date: November 2015
Page Count: 224
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-6296-4
Case Lot Quantity: 56

It’s Great Being a Dad

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

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Three veteran dads offer their best practical advice so you can build awesome relationships with your kids. In partnership with the National Center for Fathering, they draw on their day-in, day-out experience to help you…

  • creatively express care and affection in ways only a father can
  • convey a positive perspective on life and the future
  • teach, counsel, and guide in ways your children can receive and remember
  • remind your kids—and yourself—that God is always there, listening and participating
  • be a dad through all the stages of your kids’ lives

These time-tested ideas will reignite your passion for being a dad. You’ll find the inspiration and know-how you need to engage with daughters and sons in the best ways possible and make your home their favorite place to be.

Meet the authors

Jay Payleitner

Jay Payleitner

Jay Payleitner is one of the top freelance Christian radio producers in the United States. He has worked on Josh McDowell Radio, Today's Father, Jesus Freaks Radio for the Voice of the Martyrs, Project Angel Tree with Chuck Colson, and many others. He’s also a popular speaker on parenting and marriage and the...

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Brock Griffin

Brock Griffin

Brock Griffin is the director of writing and publications at the National Center for Fathering and the project manager for Today’s Father, a radio feature that airs on more than 400 stations worldwide.

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Carey Casey

Carey Casey

Carey Casey is CEO of the National Center for Fathering and the author of Championship Fathering: How to Win at Being a Dad. He has served as chaplain for the Summer Olympic Games, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Editorial Reviews

"It's Great Being a Dad is full of great reminders for me as I try to be the best dad I can be."


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10/23/15 Jitendra


“The most important takeaway for me from the book are: 1.) Build relationship, especially with your kids, so that you don’t have to enforce rules on them. 2.) Have infinite patience. 3.) Respect your wife.

“I like his way of writing. Overall this is a good book and parents can learn a lot by reading it.”

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"We guys want to read a book only if it brings us alive and helps us be better. It's Great Being a Dad is a simple GPS and high-octane fuel for being the man and dad we want to be. Hey, friend, read it, live it, give it."
Jeff Kemp, vice president of FamilyLife, former NFL quarterback, and author of Facing the Blitz

"Whether your father was a stellar example or a missing part of your life, this book is an excellent tool for becoming the father God has called you to be and the positive influence your community needs."
Rodney Bullard, executive director of Chick-fil-A Foundation

"This book is one more example of the important work being done by my friend Carey Casey and the hardworking team at the National Center for Fathering. I recommend It's Great Being a Dad to any father who loves his kids."
Dayton Moore, general manager, Kansas City Royals

"Being a parent is a true blessing from God. It's Great Being a Dad is a book with simple and yet terrific practical applications for dads."
Darrel Billups, executive director of National Coalition of Ministries to Men

"This book is an amazing testimony of God's call to fathers as our children's primary life and spiritual leaders. It pulls at the heartstrings and confirms what millions of men already know and what many more are waiting to experience—it's GREAT being a dad!"
Matt Haviland, founder and director of A Father's Walk, a ministry to single dads

"Fatherhood brings irreplaceable duties and incredible delights, and It's Great Being a Dad highlights both through realistic short stories and practical insights. No matter what stage of fatherhood you are in, this book will encourage and equip you to be the dad your child desperately needs you to be."
Wayne Simien, NBA world champion, campus minister with Called to Greatness

"Imagine having Casey, Brock, and Jay as your personal coaches while hearing their insights about being a proactive dad from their collective years of experience in the trenches as invested fathers. It's Great Being a Dad gives practical, proven, interactive ideas that you can put into action today."
Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC, author of Dad, Here's What I Really Need from You: A Guide for Connecting with Your Daughter's Heart

"This is the perfect dad-book. The chapters are short, the stories powerful, and the advice is real. No doubt about it, being a dad is hard...this book reminds us that it's also great being a dad. I give it the Familyman's Seal of Approval!"
Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

"You're welcome—because after you read It's Great Being a Dad, you are going to say thank you! Being a dad is hard. Let my friends Jay, Brock, and Carey help you learn the art of fathering. You are going to love this book as much as I do."
Derwin L. Gray, lead pastor, Transformation Church, author of Crazy Grace for Crazy Times Bible study

"You'll get plenty of food for thought in It's Great Being a Dad. In fact, you'll get an entire buffet. Trouble is, once you start digging in, it's hard to stop."
Tim Shoemaker, author of Super Husband, Super Dad: You Can Be the Hero Your Family Needs

"A father's role in the life of his kids, for good or bad, is inestimable, and it's never too late to start making a difference. Jay, Carey, and Brock have brought together inspiring and empowering concepts for every dad to put in place to make today count for our kids. Thanks for this great resource!"
Tony Rorie, founder of Men & Ladies of Honor

"As one of my mentors would have said, 'This book is delicious!' Each chapter can be consumed in a few small bites, reminding us of how important our role of father is and motivating us to be the best dads we can be."
Tom Pearce, national director of Shepherding the Next Generation

"Jay, Carey, and Brock have hit a nerve that touches every dad who wants to be a great dad—how to be intentional. This book is packed with powerful, doable examples of what it means to be intentional. This ought to be in every dad's toolbox!"
Cavin T. Harper, founder and executive director of Christian Grandparenting Network

"There is not a shred of guilt in this book. It's filled with encouragement, biblical truths, laughter, and keys to your child's heart. It's Great Being a Dad confirms why the work the National Center for Fathering is so important."
Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner, pro football Hall of Fame

"Wow, excellent pearls of wisdom. What an outstanding collection of insightful looks at the blessing of being a dad. It is an inspiring, thought-provoking, and warm reminder of the treasure we have in our families. Great book to have in the home library."
Gordon Banks, former wide receiver, Dallas Cowboys

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