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It’s Bedtime for Little Monkeys
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Release Date: January 2010
Page Count: 10
Size: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2
Binding: Board Book
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2832-8
Case Lot Quantity: 100

It’s Bedtime for Little Monkeys

The little monkeys in your home probably prefer playtime to bedtime, but active little ones need a good night’s sleep. Charm your board book readers into quickly getting through their nighttime routine so you can read aloud from this fun book with a mannerly message.

Children will see from these cute and colorful pages that they aren’t the only ones with a bedtime schedule. Reading about how others prepare for sleep will help reinforce your end-of-day routines. These little monkeys will give you a chance to calm things down, cuddle with your kids, and assure them that pleasant dreams are only a story, a prayer, and night-light away.

It’s Bedtime for Little Monkeys is a great follow-up to Susie Lee Jin’s other adorable board book, Good Table Manners for Little Monkeys.

Meet the author

Susie Lee Jin

Susie Lee Jin

As a child, Susie Lee Jin scribbled on sidewalks, the walls of the house, and any flat surface that seemed in want of some doodling. After art school, she started her illustration and art licensing company, Susie Studio, specializing in art for kids' products.

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A Word from the Author

“After a long and fruitful day, a good night’s rest is a welcome prospect! I hope families will smile and see a bit of their own bedtime routines in It’s Bedtime for Little Monkeys. Sweet dreams, everyone!”
Susie Lee Jin, author of It's Bedtime for Little Monkeys

Editorial Reviews

“Jin’s book takes a fun look at most every child’s bedtime routine. My son could completely relate to this book and really enjoyed reading it. In fact, after the second time through he nearly had it memorized and was so proud that he could ‘read’ it to his older brother.”

“Toddlers will love this book.”

“The illustrations are whimsical, silly, and just plain fun for kids and parents alike…Who can resist these cute little guys?”
Christian Children’s Book Review blog

“I can see little ones toddling through the house, clutching this cute little book in their chubby hands, and showing Mommy or Daddy that the monkeys brush their teeth, too.”

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"It's Bedtime for Little Monkeys is just delightful! Susie Lee Jin has come up with a wonderful board book: it's fun, kid-friendly, and beautifully executed. I am sure that, in the future, Susie's work is going to be widely recognized for its clever plots and deceptively simple, charming style.

"It is my pleasure to heartily recommend Susie's new book for all parents with 'little monkeys' at home."
—Jennifer Merz, Children's book writer and illustrator

“The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and quite appealing to little hands. We are more than happy to add her books to our collection. Thank you for sharing Susie with us.”
—Sharon Kalman, Children's Librarian, Paramus Public Library

“As she does with her previous books, Susie Lee Jin expertly creates a board book that speaks directly to small children. My daughter might not understand everything yet, but she definitely identifies with the beautiful illustrations of little monkeys doing the same bath and bedtime routine that she does.”

“I can tell you that my wife and I can’t wait for more books by Ms. Jin in the Little Monkeys series. I only hope that the author is able to put another one out in time before my baby grows up and out of board books!”
—Sanjay Vanguri, MD and Supriya Jagannath-Vanguri, MD

“Once again Susie Lee Jin has a winner with It’s Bedtime for Little Monkeys. This cute little board book is perfect for small children just getting used to a bedtime routine. I love the little extras in the pictures: a tail curled around a drinking cup, the banana tree nightlight, the little foot hanging out of bed. Children will easily identify with the necessary bedtime preparations and no doubt join in with reading the book as well. Be sure to read Good Table Manners for Little Monkeys also by this author.”
—Gloria F. Sutton, Division Manager, Youth Service

“My older daugher is two and a half, and she owns both It's Bedtime for Little Monkeys and Good Table Manners for Little Monkeys. She loves to have both books read to her frequently. She associates with the activities in the books, and identifies with the characters.”
—Dhruv Toolsidas

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