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Incredible Parent
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Release Date: January 2021
Page Count: 176
Size: 5 x 7
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8169-9
Case Lot Quantity: 56

Incredible Parent

Discover Your Parenting Strengths and Raise Your Kids with Confidence

Strong Moms and Super Dads Wanted
If you’re reading this, chances are you are already a good parent. How can you take the next step from good to incredible? By shifting your focus to what you do well as a parent instead of dwelling on your weaknesses.
Inside you’ll discover a special online access code to the groundbreaking IncredibleParent strengths assessment, a powerful tool to help you identify your core strengths as a parent. Using the practical advice and proven strategies in the book, you can grow and leverage those areas of strength to bring joy and success to your daily parenting interactions.
This innovative strengths-based, intentional approach to child raising will make you more confident, aware, and energized as a parent, allowing you the freedom to do what you do well and bring out the best in your kids.

Meet the authors

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller

Brandon and Analyn Miller are successful business owners and the parents of seven children. They are passionate about seeing families engage a strengths-based parenting approach that unearths the uniqueness in every child and empowers positive parent-child relationships through every stage of life. Brandon is a Certified Strengths Coach through the Gallup Organization and the CEO...

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Analyn  Miller

Analyn Miller

Brandon and Analyn Miller are successful business owners and the parents of seven children. They are passionate about seeing families engage a strengths-based parenting approach that unearths the uniqueness in every child and empowers positive parent-child relationships through every stage of life. Brandon is a Certified Strengths Coach through the Gallup Organization and the CEO...

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"If you want to know the fastest way to improve your parenting skills, this is the book for you! As a principal and superintendent of elementary schools for 22 years, I worked with thousands of parents and children and read many books on parenting and child psychology, most offering a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting that may not fit your family dynamic. Incredible Parent helps you meet the unique needs of your own family. Applying the principles in this book will accelerate improved family relationships and communication immediately. As a current Strengths Coach in schools, I have seen parents, teachers, and students positively transformed by implementing these principles. I highly recommend that every parent read this book! Get started today!”
—Kelly Parks, author of Exploring My Strengths

“Nobody starts out incredible, and perfection is out of reach, but practice and progress are at your fingertips right now with this book.”
—Jon Vroman, host of the Front Row Dad Podcast and founder of

“Your children will become who you are, so be who you want them to be. Leading by example is key, and this book is the perfect guide for how to become the best parent possible!”
—Tana Hallows, influencer, mother, designer

“Your time as a parent goes so fast. Make it fun, enjoyable, and rewarding.  Learn all you can from others who have been there. Analyn and Brandon’s strengths-based approach is one of my favorite resources.”
—Tony Grebmeier, founder of ShipOffers and creator of the Be Fulfilled Community and Podcast

“According to Analyn and Brandon Miller, parenting is a sacred responsibility. Unfortunately, most of us discover only after having kids that they don't come with a user's manual. Each child is unique, and what works with one does not work with another. As our child grows, our frustration often does too. In this powerful book, the Millers provide the help every parent needs to identify and develop their parenting strengths. Never before has there been a system to teach parents how to lean into their own innate gifts in parenting so they can raise amazing, incredible kids!”
—Rhonda Knight Boyle, author of Turning Talents into Strengths

“Brandon and Analyn have put to beautiful use decades of personal experience and strengths-based research to help all parents. Incredible Parent will help you identify your unique talents and abilities to cultivate strong family engagement and authentic connection with your children. I believe shifting to an authoritative approach to raising children is fundamental for improving the lives of the next generation. Reading this book is an excellent way to begin that journey!”
—Kim Muench, Certified Parent Coach

“I have read enough parenting books full of ‘tough love’ and ‘traditional truth’ to leave mental bruises. Incredible Parent is the antidote, overflowing with positive encouragement and practical empowerment. This book shows you and me how to maximize our parenting strengths instead of trying to dig our way out of parenting holes. I love the honest help, the hard-earned experience Brandon and Analyn share without spin, and the genuine expectation that I can also be an incredible parent instead of a social-media-model parent. Read this book. Invite everyone in your parenting community to read it too!”
—Madlin Mangrum, founder of Unplugged Family

“Being an incredible parent is not a box to check, but rather a progressive way of life. Incredible Parent provides powerful insights, questions, and real tools that can help anyone on the parenting journey no matter how old or young their children. It amplifies the incredible in your partner on the parenthood journey as well.”
—Darren and Lisa Virassammy, TEDx speaker and founders of Flip the Script Family

“A refreshing book that lifts the lid on how each of us is individually designed to be a parent. It describes how to be an authentic parent, deepening the relationships with your children.”
—Richard Sterry, founder of Releasing Strengths

“I’m so thankful I read Incredible Parent when I did! As a mom to two toddlers, I have been in a frustrating season. The daily grind of caring for them was really wearing on my spirit and making me doubt my abilities as a mother. I had so been looking forward to having children, but the reality has been different than I had imagined, and I was experiencing burnout. As I started reading Incredible Parent, it hit me—the majority of my time with the kids at this young age was in my Grind Zone. I was working against myself and wasn’t doing much to foster my Greatness and Genius. As I read about my parenting strengths, I was able to identify which tasks depleted me and the tasks I should do more of to “fill my cup” and love my time with my babies. I love how each chapter explains the strength, goes in depth, gives action items, describes the triggers for that strength, and shows how a partner can help their spouse bring out that strength. These tangible pieces are gold!”
—Caroline Pollard, personal development coach and founder of The Fulfilled Momma

“Analyn and Brandon are guiding you through the path to a strengths-based family life. Discover your Super 6 Parenting Strengths and empower your parenting.”
—Guillaume Le Penher, Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths coach and Certified Incredible Parent Master Coach

“We had followed the Strengths movement years before becoming parents, so learning about the Incredible Kids movement through Play to their Strengths and meeting Brandon and Analyn were opportunities we jumped at. Now as certified Incredible Parent Coaches, we are thrilled to see the resources we use daily made available to a wider audience. If you want to see your kids in a whole new light and help them grow into their God-given, fullest potential, read this book!”
—Jay and Faith Kenton, Certified Incredible Parent Master Coaches

“Parents dream of building an incredible family, but we mostly follow someone else’s script. It's difficult and frustrating because we're not using the unique strengths we’ve been given to be incredible parents. Analyn and Braden help us discover our ‘incredible’ and guide us as we deploy these superpowers in our families.”
—Ed Miller, Certified Incredible Parent Master Coach and founder of The 3 Pathways

“Parenting can be a daunting task, and yet we all have what it takes to be incredible parents. Knowing for ourselves who we are and who we are not is the first step in developing our distinctive parenting skills. In Incredible Parent, Brandon and Analyn take us on a journey of self-discovery. What makes me unique? How do I use that individuality to become a strong, loving, purpose-filled parent? Incredible Parent answers those questions and provides guidance that builds our confidence and strengthens our bond with our children. It is a definite must-read, regardless of the age of your children. After all, we never stop being Mom and Dad.”
—Polly Tonti, Certified Incredible Parent Master Coach

“This book shouts out the one principle that will guide you, enrich you, and comfort you: You are already an incredible parent. You are doing wonderfully. Now, do it within your areas of strengths.”
—Clinton and Heléna van der Walt, Certified Incredible Parent Master Coaches

Incredible Parent shifted my perspective on parenting by helping me identify my strengths as a parent. This book transformed my approach to parenting, creating a more cohesive and rewarding relationship with my kids.”
—Chelsea Hart-Connor, a strengths-based mom

“Parenting has become a greater challenge for many people in today’s world. As pastors in India for the past 15 years, we have heard and witnessed many people needing help with parenting. We have read books and attended seminars to be better parents and help other families, but we can firmly testify that nothing blessed us more than Analyn and Brandon’s book Incredible Parent. It comes with a completely new approach to parenting. The surveys to check your parenting strengths are unique. This resource transformed our parenting style. We eagerly recommend it to all the parents, would-be parents, pastors, and others who want to equip themselves to be better parents and teach others.”
—Patrick Dommati and Mrs. Ruth Patrick, pastors of Gospel Trumpets Bible Fellowship Churches, Hyderabad, India

“Talk about defining ‘parent’ as a sacred responsibility. Brandon and Analyn, you did it again! I have been looking for something like this, and finally, you are giving me a guide for raising our seven-year-old boy and a great resource for my parenting workshops!”
—Dexter Diwas, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

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