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How to Handle Your Emotions
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Release Date: July 2008
Page Count: 300
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2328-6
Case Lot Quantity: 32
Collection/Series Name: Counseling Through the Bible Series

How to Handle Your Emotions

Anger, Depression, Fear, Grief, Rejection, Self-Worth

The first of an exciting new series of topical counseling resources offering God’s truth for today’s problems!

Every person struggles with the common emotions related to…

  • anger
  • depression
  • fear
  • rejection
  • self-worth

How can we prevent negative emotions from getting the best of us? Longtime biblical counselor June Hunt looks to the Bible for the answers, offering compassionate guidance that encourages the heart and offers hope for even the most difficult situations.

Each of the above topics is explored in four parts, examining the definitions, the characteristics, the causes, and the solutions that enable us to handle our emotions in ways that honor God and bless the people around us. At every step of the way, valuable insights are gleaned from Scripture.

Written with a strong emphasis on practical applications that make a lasting difference, this guide is perfect for use by individuals, friends, small groups, and ministry workers.

Meet the author

June Hunt

June Hunt

June Hunt is the founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry that provides numerous resources for people seeking help. She hosts a live, two-hour call-in counseling program called Hope in the Night, and is the author of Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook and How to Handle Your Emotions.

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A Word from the Author

"If you've ever flown off the handle with Anger...been pressed down with Depression, gripped with Grief, or fraught with Fear...if you ever wrestle with Rejection or struggle with Self-Worth, then real hope has arrived! You can control your emotions instead of letting your emotions control you. In this book—filled with biblical hope and practical help—you will learn definitions, characteristics, causes and solutions for these six emotions, so you can harness their power and become the person God created you to be."
June Hunt, author of How to Handle Your Emotions

Editorial Reviews

"June Hunt is a wonderful author and an excellent biblical counselor. If you are looking for answers in a straight forward, easy to read fashion, you will like this book. The author touches on vital emotions that many need help dealing with such as anger, depression, fear, grief, rejection, and self-worth. She helps you better understand your emotions and gives you the insight and power to control those same emotions.

"I've read my share of self-help books over the years and How to Handle Your Emotions stands out as one of the most helpful volumes available."


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"June Hunt's most recent book, How to Handle Your Emotions, gets right to the heart of Christian living. The Bible says 'As [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he.' With her characteristic insight, June has provided the biblical answer to these problems that plague our fallen race. This is the perfect gift to anyone struggling with insufficiently controlled emotional responses."
Paige Patterson, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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