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Release Date: June 2020
Page Count: 224
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7915-3
Case Lot Quantity: 26

How Archaeology Confirms the Story of the Bible

101 Great Discoveries and What They Mean to Us

Who first recorded the creation of the world? What tools did people use in Bible times? When did the Israelites arrive and settle in Canaan? Where exactly did Paul travel throughout his ministry?

The Bible is the most popular book in the world, yet there are many questions people ask as they seek evidence of its veracity. For truth seekers in search of physical evidence relating to the history of the world and the origin of faith, archaeology provides a rich treasure trove pointing toward the answers they seek.  

In How Archaeology Confirms the Story of the Bible, Dr. Titus M. Kennedy presents 101 objects from more than 50 museums, private collections, and archaeological sites, to offer strong and compelling evidence for the historical accuracy of Scripture.

Follow along the chronology of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, with artifacts from the Mesopotamian tablets that record creation to graffiti found in the House of Peter. Examine inscriptions, coins, scarabs, tablets, papyri, stelae, reliefs, statues, altars, jewelry, weapons, tools, and pottery through vivid color photography. And learn how these artifacts not only demonstrate the historical reliability of the Bible but illuminate the ancient context for a more accurate understanding of God’s Word.

Meet the author

Titus Kennedy

Titus Kennedy

Dr. Titus M. Kennedy is a professional field archaeologist and adjunct professor at Biola University, a Research Fellow at Discovery Institute, the main historical researcher and site guide for the series Drive Thru History, and the executive director of the APXAIOC Institute of Biblical Archaeology. He has researched and photographed numerous archaeological artifacts around the...

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