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Horse Tales from Heaven Gift Edition
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Release Date: June 2010
Page Count: 48
Size: 8 x 8
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2913-4
Case Lot Quantity: 40

Horse Tales from Heaven Gift Edition

Reflections Along the Trail with God

Horse lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the art of great storytelling will be delighted by these engaging tales from contemporary cowgirl Rebecca Ondov. Breathtaking paintings by artist Chris Cummings transport readers to creation’s wonderland, while Ondov’s adventures illuminate godly wisdom gleaned along the trail.

Hitching Post: A Tale of Freedom
Buck ‘n Run: A Tale of Patience
Lashing Wind: A Tale of Faith
Bobbing for Apples: A Tale of Joy
Greener Pastures: A Tale of Discovery

This beautiful stable of stories and paintings is a celebration of the life and faith lessons horses offer those willing to follow their lead and is sure to delight seasoned riders, ranchers, or anyone who’s ever wished for a pony.

Meet the authors

Rebecca E. Ondov

Rebecca E. Ondov

Rebecca Ondov worked in the saddle on ranches, pack trips, and for the U.S. Forest Service. She’s the founder of Blazing Ink, Inc., and has written numerous magazine articles and books, including Great Horse Stories for Girls and Horse Tales from Heaven. Living in Montana with her family and critters provides plenty...

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Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings paints the horses and rural scenes that she loves so much. Her popular, vibrant art is showcased in the book Unbridled Beauty and is enjoyed by fans on many licensed products. Her original oil paintings hang in private collections throughout the country, and she is always creating new work.

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12/21/14 Doug Klenz

“Beautiful book. Both the stories and art are so encouraging and bright. I never knew there were so many quotes from all over about horses. It is so fun to pick up read and look at over and over. Best of all though I like how it shows a God who cares about and wants to be with us in our lives!”

12/21/14 Betsy Capon

“What a beautiful book. I especially like the other quotes that fit so well with Rebecca Ondov’s stories. I am a Christian and a horse owner and am passionate about being both! I also enjoy reading. So, naturally this book is now one of my favorites. I have it sitting out where I can pick it up at any time to just browse through viewing the lovely art work. Usually what happens, however, is that I wind up rereading one of the interesting stories as I can always find something new to relate to!”

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“Wow! What a mix of awesome art work & incredible writing. Each story pulls you right in just like you are there. As a horse lover myself, I can really relate with each situation. I love the way Rebecca hears from God in these experiences and then is able to express what she heard. So often we overlook the wonders of His creation, we close our ears to His voice. I really think this book opens hearts & ears to listen for God’s voice in the details of our lives. This book is so beautiful and well done It really captured my attention. I read the whole thing in one setting; I just couldn’t put it down.”
—Edel Howard

“This book has touched me in such a special way. What a blessing!! It’s was so nice to read into Rebecca’s heart and prayers as she faced some of life’s struggles along her Christian journey to the closeness of God. I just love these precious nuggets of Godly wisdom. The book is absolutely exquisite. The stories are so realistic you feel as if you are a part of them. I so enjoyed the Scripture references, like pearls of wisdom from God that reinforce his love for us, His children. The artistry in this Gift Edition is absolutely beautiful! The beauty of each passing page is so picturesque. I highly recommend Horse Tales from Heaven Gift Edition.”
Russ Prestridge

“I absolutely love Rebecca's writing style. After finishing the book I found myself wishing it would never had ended. The short inspiring chapters, quotes, verses, and beautiful artwork makes this book must have. Saddle up and take a spiritually inspired ride into the back country of Montana with Rebecca.”
—Ron Albers

“Storytelling from the perspective of a horsewoman who lived and breathed these tales will truly inspire one as a reader of Horse Tales from Heaven: Reflection Along the Trail with God. Of course, the striking detail, western themed images and country settings depicted on the pages of this gift edition truly bring the stories to vivid life. The quotes from Presidents and Poets to precious words of The Bible are a welcome addition to the stories and create a sense of closeness to the world and God. What a wonderful addition to any library!”
—Kari Kaufman

“I just loved Horse Tales from Heaven Gift Edition. I feel honored to have a copy. I read every bit of it; the stories of the horses, the bible verses, and the quotations add a special touch. This is a great gift to give to anyone who loves the outdoors. Rebecca has a way of engaging you into her story to ride the trails and reflect with God. The paintings help to create that feeling of being there.”
Phyllis Lucht

“What a beautiful and inspirational book! The stories come to life with the gorgeous paintings alongside them. I loved the additions of the quotes and scriptures with each story. I would recommend this book as a gift for anyone or just a gift for yourself!”
—Catherine Byers

“As a horsewoman and a Christian I can tell you that Rebecca, and her writing is a gift to us. The pictures are beautiful and go with the stories well. I believe the Lord still talks and teaches us through our experiences and it is clear that He is teaching us through Rebecca’s. I can’t wait until she does another book!”
—Annie Schiller

Horse Tales from Heaven: Gift Edition is an amazing book! Rebecca took me on an incredible journey that had me on the edge of my seat quite a few times. She did a fabulous job writing this book and the paintings by Chris Cummings are a real plus. This is a ‘must have.’”
Lauren Overbaugh

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