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The Herringford and Watts Mysteries 6-in-1
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Release Date: April 2019
Print Length: 826
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8024-1

The Herringford and Watts Mysteries 6-in-1

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Never Send a Man to Do a Detective’s Job
Collected for the first time in a complete, ebook-only bundle, experience hijinks, danger, and romance in fan-favorite author Rachel McMillan’s The Herringford and Watts Mysteries 6-in-1! Follow best friends and sleuths Merinda Herringford and Jem Watts as they cast off Edwardian conventions and launch a consulting detective business in tumultuous early 20th century Toronto.

This captivating compilation includes the three original full-length novels interspersed with three bonus novellas:

  • A Singular and Whimsical Problem
  • A Bachelor’s Guide to Murder
  • Of Dubious and Questionable Memory
  • A Lesson in Love and Murder
  • Conductor of Light
  • The White Feather Murders

Determined, adventurous, and full of moxie, Merinda and Jem, together with their friends Constable Jasper Forth and reporter Ray DeLuca, tackle dramatic mysteries and political corruption as they become emblems of female empowerment. Join the adventure as these two independent women search for answers, don disguises, and find themselves where no “proper” ladies would ever go.

Meet the author

Rachel McMillan

Rachel McMillan

Rachel McMillan is the author of The Herringford and Watts mysteries, The Van Buren and DeLuca mysteries and The Three Quarter Time series of contemporary Viennese romances. Her next work of historical fiction, The London Restoration, releases in Summer 2020 and takes readers deep into the heart of London's most beautiful churches. Dream, Plan, and...

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